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Kinn Jewelry: Modern Heirlooms for Mother’s Day

*This post is sponsored by Kinn but all opinions are my own

Modern Heirlooms from Kinn Jewelry, The Elusive Dream Pendant, Solid Gold Jewelry

Family Heirlooms

With the recent passing of my grandmother, I’ve given a lot more thought to family heirlooms and the things we pass on to our family. Of course, I believe the most important thing our loved ones can pass on are their values, traditions, and memories from the times we got to spend with them. But I’ve also realized it’s nice to have a physical reminder to help keep them fresh in our minds.

When my Grandmother passed and we had to go through all of her things I was most interested in her jewelry collection – not only from a fashion standpoint but because I’ve always felt like jewelry is so personal and stands the test of time. My Grandmother was not a fancy lady but she did have a few special items in her jewelry box that also happened to be passed down from generations before her.

One of those items was a solid gold signet ring you can see on my finger below. This ring has been in our family for generations and it’s so special to have it as a reminder of my Grandmother whenever I wear it. Gold family heirlooms, gold signet ring and gold pendant necklace from Kinn Jewelry

It’s also important to note that this ring lasted so long because it was made out of solid gold. I’m sure you’ve noticed that your costume jewelry and even gold plated and vermeil pieces just don’t last as long. They tarnish and fade and eventually have to be replaced. I must have acidic skin because my gold plated and vermeil pieces ALWAYS rub off or fade and don’t usually last more than a couple years of heavy use. And I’m the type of person that loves to wear the same jewelry everyday so it’s important to me to have it last.

I’ve also realized that I want to start wearing jewelry that I can pass down to my loved ones. I love the idea of wearing a piece everyday, filling it with memories, and then having it live on for generations to come.

Kinn: Modern Heirlooms

That’s where Kinn comes in! Kinn makes modern heirlooms that are made to last a lifetime! All of their pieces are made of 14K solid gold so they won’t tarnish, fade, or fall apart over the years. When you hear “solid gold” you probably are thinking that it will be expensive. But that’s one of the other reasons I love Kinn – they believe every women deserves to own fine jewelry so their pieces are reasonably priced with little markup compared to traditional fine jewelry companies. Plus, all of the pieces are made in Los Angeles!

You’ll notice that all of the Kinn designs are modern updates to classic, timeless pieces. For example, you’ll find these chic signet rings that remind me of my Grandmother’s vintage ring! I also have a pair of vintage earrings from my Mom that look similar to these. I love Kinn’s description:

For the woman who favors timelessness over trend. For the woman who has a modern sensibility, yet a reverence for the past.

Kinn Studio Elusive Dream Pendant, Modern Jewelry Heirlooms

I was able to pick out the ‘Elusive Dream Pendant’ from the Kinn collection to style and I couldn’t be more in love. This vintage Parisian inspired pendant and it totally fits with my current style. It’s solid 14k gold on a 20″ gold chain and is absolutely gorgeous. This pendant is my go-to necklace now and looks great on it’s own or layered with other pieces.

Since it is solid gold it will stand the test of time and I’m looking forward to one day passing this on to someone else in my family!

The Perfect Gift for Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, now is the perfect time to invest in a piece – either for yourself or your Mom. Kinn has a Mother’s Day selection that any women would love. A lot of the pieces are engraveable so they also make a great personalized gift. This ‘Tough As A Mother’ pendant is so fun and look amazing stacked with ‘The Elusive Dream’ Pendant I’m wearing. I have this Round Initial Disk Pendant on my list because it’s the perfect, simple, everyday necklace.

You can also get 10% off your order with code ‘JEANSANDATEACUP’!

What family heirlooms are you hoping to pass down?

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  1. I love having a few pieces that have been passed down to me. Quality jewelry can really stand the test of time. Your signet ring is beautiful! I love your new necklace too!

    1. Thanks Laura! I think investing in solid gold jewelry can actually save you money too. Plated and vermeil pieces are sometimes not cheap either but they always fade for me and I have to replace them anyway!

  2. Beautiful pieces Jessica. I do think it is important to pass on those traditions and values, my mom and I were just talking about traditions. I do love the idea of a piece of well made jewelry and remembering a person through a special piece.
    Beuatiful pictures too.

  3. Those seem like gorgeous pieces. I think things like these are such beautiful things to have and pass on to future generations. In my family there’s no piece of jewelry with this meaning which I’m kinda sad about because I love these cheesy sappy stuff but it’s ok, maybe I’ll start an heirloom myself and pass it on to my nieces or my own kids if I ever have them.

    Marta – http://www.aroundcolours.com

    1. Thanks! I’m really in love with all the Kinn pieces! And I think you totally should start an heirloom to pass down! That’s kind of what I’m doing. I’m planning on investing in more solid gold pieces over the years to have a collection that I can pass down.