Plaid Shirt and Moto Jacket

J.Crew Plaid Shirt, Grey Jeans
Black Moto Jacket, Plaid Shirt
Designer Sunglasses for Less
Blue Plaid Shirt, Women's Plaid Shirt

While I love simple neutrals I have to admit I have a weakness for a good plaid shirt. Especially J.Crew plaid shirts – (there’s just so many great options!). While I typically think of plaid shirts around the holidays in patterns of red and green but I’m starting to branch out into other colors. They great thing is this blue/green plaid doesn’t have to be stuck in “holiday wear” – it can be worn all winter long! I’m still keeping with the neutrals though and paired it with grey denim and a black moto jacket.

Outfit Details:
J.Crew Plaid Shirt
Gap Denim
Guess Moto Jacket
Crown Vintage Booties
Shein Sunglasses
Madewell Bracelet (option)
Jord Watch c/o
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  1. I like that a motojacket can instantly make any outfit way cooler. I could be wearing a mickey mouse shirt but as soon as I throw on a motojacket I’m no longer a little kid… I’m a super hip guy with a nostalgic air. I’m not even being sarcastic here. My fiancee bought me a leather jacket and I wear it, on Florida’s three days of winter, as part of my work uniform. It’s awesome.

    Also, and this might sound a little silly, I think that a cool jacket makes you feel like you look good. You know? When you’re confident in what you’re wearing then you’re more confident in yourself and you reflect that to other people. Motojackets are good for you!

    Also, I like the setting of these photos. The worn white wall is a nice contrast to the colors of your outfit and is just a great backdrop for any photo in general. Nice choice!