It’s the Little Things

My house has been in chaos for the past month. I moved into a new place with two new roommates and we had to re-do twenty years’ worth of neglect and pastel décor from the eighties. In an effort to start with a “clean slate,” we literally cleared the walls of all color and threw out most things left behind by the last tenant.

Signs of life and color are springing up now, and I’m realizing that we don’t need to fill the house with shiny, brand new objects to make it look good. We just have to put in the right little touches. Here are my favorites from the kitchen…

[A rose with delicate vases on the window sill]
[Ceramic teal jars to conceal coffee and baking supplies]

[Favorite mugs in plain sight]

[Knotted hand towels in bunches–IKEA’s idea (isn’t it brilliant?)]

What are your favorite little things around the house?

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  1. This is so inspiring! I'm de-70's-ing a house right now and it can feel really overwhelming sometimes, but I love your take on starting with the small things.

    1. I can totally relate to feeling overwhelmed in the re-decorating process! I've decided to embrace the journey since neither time nor resources allow me to do it all in one shot. It makes each new detail an exciting step forward, which is something to appreciate:-)