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Just a quick post to say “Hi” and let you know I’m still alive! Sorry for my lack of posting.  I got back to California on Monday and have been trying to get my life in order after being away for three weeks.  I’m also still recovering from stomach pains that I got on our first day in Disney World.  So I’ve been lounging around in sweats and haven’t gotten an outfit picture in yet.  Here’s a small recap of my life on Instagram the past three weeks!

1) Lounging at home w/new polka dot socks and striped sweater
2) Layering up for the cold weather in Pennsylvania
3) Some new additions to my closet: J.Crew sweater, Madewell cords and Stella and dot Bracelet
4) A trip to Philly – my favorite place!
5) Stopping for a latte and macaroons at Miel Patisserie
6) With my sister at the Anthro in Philly – the coolest Anthro I’ve ever seen!
7) New on the farm: Chocolate Zinger the goat!
8) Family trip to Disney World – our first day was at Epcot…
9) …And then I got sick and missed out on the next two days…

I was able to get a day in at the Magic Kingdom but I missed out on MGM/Hollywood Studios and Universal Studios. I REALLY wanted to see Harry Potter world! 🙁 

But I’m happy to be back in California and away from the cold weather! We left for Florida a day before the big storm hit which I’m happy about. But Florida was still too humid and rainy.  Like I’ve said before, the weather is the only good thing about living in California! 

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