I’m Over Summer + Tour Through Blogland

floral shirt, striped shorts, mixed prints
striped shorts, floral shirt, mixed prints
floral blouse, striped shorts
floral blouse, striped shorts, mixed prints
photos by Adri Lately
I can’t tell you how over summer I am right now. I’m usually a big fan of California weather but I’ve had enough. Fall is my favorite season and I’m missing it! It’s been in the 90’s for as long as I can remember. I’ve run out of summer outfits and I can’t wear any of the fall clothes I’ve gotten recently. Life is tough guys. 
I met up with Adri over the weekend to take outfit photos and grab some coffee. Thank goodness for blogger friends who can take your photos when your photographer/husband is gone for two and a half weeks! 
Anyway, Miriam from Simply Classic asked me to participate in “Tour Through Blogland”. I’m answering some questions and sharing two of favorite bloggers with you! 

1) What am I working on?

Well, I’m always thinking of new outfits I can put together for the blog. I’m also always browsing the internet for deals and sales on pieces that I need for my closet. I’m trying to get better at the whole blogging thing! That includes being more active on social media, preparing posts ahead of time and thinking of creative content for the blog. I’m still working on it…

2) How does my work differ from others in it’s genre?
I’m not sure that my blog is a lot different from other fashion blogs. I mainly focus on my personal style and remixing pieces in my closet. I don’t buy a ton of new clothes so if you are into seeing how to style a piece multiple ways then I’m your gal!

3) Why do I write/create what I do?

I don’t have a career that I can put a lot of energy into so blogging is my creative outlet. I didn’t get a degree in fashion so as much as I’d like to officially work in the field, I can’t. So I use this blog to share my love for fashion and style and maybe turn it into a career one day if I have enough experience.

4) How does my writing/creating process work?

I’m trying to get better at scheduling and preparing things ahead of time. Most of the time I take my outfit photos on the weekend (because my photographer works during the week). And then the night before I want to post I work on editing my photos and writing a little blurb. During the week I brainstorm about what outfits I want to put together. 
Now I’d like to introduce you to some other lovely bloggers! 
Adri from Adri Lately 
fashion blogger, adri lately
“I’m a 20 something LA living. Just a girl a tad bit obsessed with fashion and loves getting dressed and remixing. I believe in repeats and layering in the name of fashion. I believe that fashion is fun and everyone can achieve a style that works for them. And I can rock a mean pair of flats!”

Kym from Bitty and Bunny
My name is Kym and I’m a lefty who loves animals, mashed potatoes, skirts with pockets, and writing about nothing in particular. In that order. Bitty.and.Bunny is the documentation of my journey learning to remix items in my closet to create interesting, stylish, and attainable outfits. Sometimes I succeed. I rejoice. I post those outfits to the blog, and hope to inspire someone that day. Sometimes I fail. I feel great shame and embarrassment. I post those outfits, too, and hope no one will repeat my mistakes. The sacrifices I make for my readers.”

Make sure to stop by their blogs and say “hi!”.
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