I’d Like You to Meet…

I’m happy to introduce you to a few of my lovely sponsors today! Liana and Bex are super cute fashion bloggers and Mima is a jewelry designer. I’ll let them introduce themselves a little more below.
Finding Femme
“Hi there! I’m Liana from the style blog Finding Femme. I’m from Victoria in Australia, and I love quirky, vintage, preppy and classic clothes. Even though I post regular outfit pictures, clothes aren’t my whole world so I try to make sure that my pictures are partnered by something interesting to read. I myself read, write, ride a vintage dutch bike with a basket and flounder at learning French. Come and say hello!” – Liana
Fashion Blogger, Finding Femme
Butcher’s Niche
“Hey I’m Bex the girl behind Butcher’s Niche. I’m a blogger, baker, diyer, wifey, aunt to 7 handsome guys and 2 gorgeous gals, faux interior decorator, homebody, popcorn eater, obsessed with the color purple (the actual color not the movie), and sometimes I make up parties just to see how pretty the invitations look. Butcher’s Niche started in July 2013 after our classy, vintage, rustic, DIY backyard wedding. Since then the Niche has evolved into a blog all about style in your everyday life – home decor, recipes, relationships, beauty, hair, and of course fashion.” – Bex Stark
Fashion Blogger, Butchers Niche
“Hi! I’m Mima and I run the Esty shop InfinEight. I’ve been making and selling jewelry for several years now. I started out working with “organic” motifs like leaves, but I’ve been obsessed with geometric forms more recently, using brass, wood and silver elements. That’s what I’ve been exploring in my recent series, in addition to incorporating vintage pieces in one design and making my own pure silver pendants. I love working with color and texture, and creating new forms. It’s a wonderful feeling to produce handmade jewelry and know that it’s being worn all over the world!” – Mima
InfinEight, Etsy

I hope you get a chance to check out these lovely ladies! Thanks for stopping by!

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I’d Like You To Meet…

I’m excited to introduce you to my sponsors for this month! They include jewelry shops, fashion bloggers and an online dress boutique! Take a minute and say “Hi” to these cool ladies!

Fashion and Beauty Finds

Amy From Fashion and Beauty Finds is one of my favorite bloggers! I love the way she incorporates color and pattern into her outfits – especially this one! In addition to being a fashion blogger, Amy teaches dance and is expecting her third child! I can’t wait to see how she styles her baby bump!

Crow Steals Fire

Swarovski Crystal Briolette Earrings

Donna is the owner, creator and designer behind Crow Steals Fire.

“I am a self-taught metalsmith, and I want my jewelry to be comfortable to wear every day. And I want you not only to see the beauty in my jewelry but also to see the beauty inside yourself.”

Boutique Sui Numeris

Kaila, LBD

If you are looking for a fabulous dress you need to check out Boutique Sui Numeris! This boutique based out of Austin, Texas carefully handpicks each piece to add to their collection and does not sell more than one of the same dress! So if you are looking for a unique bridal gown, LBD, formal or vintage dress check them out!

Hello Cheeseburger

Grey and White Necklace, Five Spike Necklace

Hello Cheeseburger! I just love the name of this shop! Jennifer is the lovely lady behind this online boutique and design studio. I wear the handmade Bar Drop Necklace from her shop almost daily! And she’s recently stocked the shop with more handmade pieces like the two above!

Style Vancity

Show some love to Kayla over at Style Vancity!

“I’m Kayla and I’m a fashion-lover and aspiring journalist from the beautiful city of Vancouver. I tend to write about my obsessions, favourite products and daily inspirations. In my spare time I enjoy window shopping, finding deals, exercising and hanging out with friends!”

Tea Time With Dinosaurs

Royal Blue Pearl Necklace, Red Stone Pendant Necklace

As a college student, Cindy’s goal was to make quality, simple, statement jewelry on a budget! So she created the Etsy shop, Tea Time With Dinosaurs! And all of her pieces are really affordable! You can also follow Cindy on her blog of the same name where she writes about personal fashion and other fun stuff!

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