How to Wear an Oversized Black Blazer

Oversized blazers are a big trend right now and I’m here for it! I’ve been a fan of blazers for years (I don’t think they every went out of style) and have MANY blazers in my closet. Now I’m just looking for a few styles that are more oversized instead of fitted. I actually didn’t have a black blazer in my closet so I picked up the popular The 80’s Oversized Black Blazer from Everlane to style.

oversized black blazer with amour cafe creme sweatshirt, 90s denim, and loafers

Everlane’s The 80’s Blazer Size and Fit

Everlane’s The 80’s Blazer is a classic blazer with exaggerated shoulders and an oversized fit to give you that retro 80’s vibe. I held off ordering this blazer for awhile because I wasn’t sure that the exaggerated shoulders would work on my petite frame. But I finally decided to give it a chance after striking out on finding other black blazer options. I’m happy to say that even though the fit is oversized I think it still works!

everlane the 80s blazer with sezane amour cafe creme sweatshirt

You can definitely size down in this blazer if you want. I’m usually a size 4 and I was able to fit into the size 00. However, I decided that the sleeves were too short in the size 00 and it was a little tighter in the chest area than I wanted when I was wearing chunky sweaters. So I exchanged for a size 0 – which is what you see in these photos. (I actually ordered the size 2 as well and I think I like that fit the best. So I’m going to return the size 0 and stick with size 2). My advice would be to only size down one size if you don’t want a SUPER oversized fit. Mainly because you don’t want the arms to be too tight or too short. This blazer needs to have a really slouchy fit for it to work.

The 80’s Blazer is made from a Lyocell/Cotton blend so it’s got a nice drape to it. It’s a great blazer to wear in the spring or fall because it’s not going to be too heavy. However, I think the black color isn’t going to hold up as well in this material. I think it might end up fading a bit – especially in spots that get more wear, like the elbows. The material also wrinkles easily if you aren’t careful. A black wool blazer would definitely hold up better in my opinion but would also be a heavier option that’s best for cold weather.

How to Wear an Oversized Black Blazer

I decided to dress down my blazer a little bit with jeans and a sweatshirt. After I put this combo on I felt so good! I love it! It’s laid back but put together at the same time. I kinda feel like I’m channeling Princess Diana in this iconic look.

how to wear an oversized black blazer with a sweatshirt, jeans, and loafers

My sweatshirt is from Sézane and they have several sweatshirts that would work well for this look. I also think this hooded sweatshirt would work well too. My denim is the 90’s Cheeky Jean from Everlane – which is my favorite denim style. It has a vintage vibe that pairs well with the oversized blazer. And last but not least are these GORGEOUS ELBA Penny Loafers from Freda Salvador. I was missing a pair of black penny loafers and these fit the bill perfectly.

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Freda Salvador ELBA penny loafers with blazer and jeans

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