How to Shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale + Sneak Peak

Oh, the Nordstrom Anniversary sale…. I’m sure you’ve already started to hear about it from bloggers! I usually don’t post about the Anniversary sale because I get tired of hearing about it myself. But I’ve changed my mind this year and I’m sharing why below!

Why you should shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

You can actually score some really great deals on NEW items at Nordstrom during the Anniversary sale. These aren’t the end-of-season pieces that are going on sale – these are new arrivals for Fall at up to 40% off! So it’s a great time to stock up on some bigger ticket items like leather boots, leather jackets, designer pieces, and fall closet staples.

Some popular sale items from years past include the popular Blanknyc moto jackets, Vince Camuto Booties, Rag and Bone jeans, B.P tees, Tory Burch shoes and handbags, and cardigan sweaters!

I did shop the Anniversary sale last year and was able to get a genuine suede jacket for a great price so it’s definitely worth it. You don’t have to spend a fortune or buy a ton in order to benefit from this sale. Just pick one closet staple you are missing and go for that!

How to Shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Sign up to be a Nordstrom Card Holder

You’ll want to shop the sale EARLY because things sell out QUICK! In order to shop the sale early you’ll need to apply to be a Nordstrom card holder so you can shop the “Early Access Sale” which starts on July 12th. Only people who have applied for the card can shop the items on sale and a lot of pieces sell out during this time. So if you have your eye on a specific item it’s worthwhile to get the card. Plus, the card comes with special benefits and you get rewards for every purchase so it’s definitely a good card to have!

For example, you get a $40 Nordstrom Note after you make your first purchase! That’s $40 to spend on anything you want at Nordstrom! Sweet! You also don’t need to physically have the card in order to start shopping right away so you can still sign up right before the sale starts!

If you don’t have a Nordstrom card you have to wait until July 20th to shop the sale!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Dates 2018

I recently became a Nordstrom cardholder

I think it’s worth it – and not just for early access to the sale. It comes with other great perks – like the $40 credit when you sign up and make a purchase. You also get points for every dollar that you spend at Nordstrom (online and in store) and those points add up to more Nordstrom Notes (which work like gift cards). Plus, they have bonus days where you can get double and triple points which helps you get those notes quicker. And since Nordstrom now carries some of my favorite brands like Reformation, Sezane, Madewell, and Topshop I can shop these brands and get those rewards! Their return policy is AWESOME and actually a lot better than the actual brand websites.

Check out the Nordstrom Anniversary Catalog

Nordstrom puts out a digital catalog where you can check out some of the hottest items that will be on sale. This is just a sampling of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale items but you can still get an idea of what to buy. These items usually go first though! You can check out the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale catalog here or download it below!

Nordstrom Anniversary Catalog 2018

Shop the Sale Online

Nordstrom stores are going to be super busy during the sale so save yourself the headache and shop online. Nordstrom has a great return policy so you can order a bunch of colors, styles, and sizes and try them on in the comfort of your home! Then you can return the unwanted items for free by mail or in-store. It’s super easy!

Shop my favorites from the Nordstrom
Anniversary Sale

During the sale I’ll be sharing my favorites so if the sale seems overwhelming to you just check out my picks in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Tab on my homepage! I’ll be sharing mostly items that I have in my closet or items that I want to buy! I’ve also checked out the whole catalog and picked out my favorites below that will released and going on sale starting the 12th for Early Access. So remember these items and pick them up on July 12th when they go on sale! Just make sure you’ve applied for the Nordstrom card so you can shop early!


What will you be shopping for during the #Nsale?

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