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How to Incorporate Red Into An Outfit This Fall

The color red is always in style but this year it is the “IT” color for fall. I’ve been seeing “pops” of bright red in outfits everywhere! So if you are wondering how to incorporate red into an outfit this fall – I’ve got you covered.

How to incorporate red into your outfit this fall

Outfit Details: Everlane Blazer || NAADAM Sweater || Everlane Denim || Sézane Boots || Cuyana Bag c/o

How to Incorporate Red Into An Outfit

Tips for Wearing Red this Fall

Add One Red Item to Your Outfit

Red can sometimes feel like an intimidating color so instead of going head-to-toe red just trying adding one red piece to your outfit. My favorite ways to add a “pop” of red to an outfit is in the form of a beanie, scarf, shoe, bag, or sweater.

Pair Red with Neutral Colors

In the past I always tended to wear red with black. I don’t know why – it was just my default color combo. However, I think there are better colors to pair bright red with. Neutral colors like camel, tan, cream, and brown help to soften bright red. I LOVE red paired with camel colors.

Red sweater with neutral colors outfit

Pair Red with Subdued Complimentary Colors

I don’t normally wear bright red with colors but this year I’m going to step out of my comfort zone! If you want a slightly bolder look pair red with subdued complimentary colors – like navy, and olive green. I especially love red paired with plaids that contain those colors – like these trousers! I actually have that pair and can confirm a red sweater looks nice with the subdued light blue, brown, tan, and olive shades in the plaid.

You can see in the outfit below that I added a dark olive green bag to my outfit. Normally, red and green remind me of Christmas but since the green shade is subdued and not bright green it acts as more of a neutral shade. It also helps that I’m not pairing a red sweater with solid green pants. I think adding complimentary colors through patterns like plaid or through an accessory are the way to go.

Wearing red with complimentary colors. Red and green outfit ideas

My outfit is the perfect example of toning down a bright red with the neutral colors in the plaid blazer. And as I mentioned above, the dark green bag adds a complimentary color to the mix.

My Favorite Red Pieces to Add to an Outfit

Red Sweaters

As you can see – I’m really loving the red sweaters. I’m wearing a more fitted cashmere sweater in this outfit so that I could layer it under my blazers. But an oversized red sweater is really trending right now. I just ordered this red sweater from Sézane. And last year I wore a more orangey-red sweater with a pair of neutral plaid trousers.

My other red sweater picks include the Marsena Sweater from Doen, the Nola Cardigan from Christy Dawn, and the Everlane Felted Merino Half-Zip.

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Red Beanie or Scarf

If you want an even more subtle pop of red to add to your outfit consider a red beanie. That way you can take it on or off depending on your mood. And most likely you’ll only be wearing it outdoors anyway. I’m definitely looking to add a red beanie to my closet soon! I prefer cashmere or merino wool beanies. Similarly, you can opt for a red scarf. I’m kinda into a fluffy, oversized scarf but you can do thinner scarves as well.

Red FLats

Adding a pair of red shoes is also a great way to incorporate red into an outfit. Ballet flats would be my preferred shoe type to wear in this bright red shade. I fell in love with Freda Salvador’s JADA flats in red. If I were to get a pair of red shoes it would definitely be this pair! I also think a pair of red ballet flats can work year-round as well.

Red Bags

A red bag is a fun staple to have in rotation. I do have a red bag but I don’t use it often. However, it has been in my closet for awhile and I’ve seen it come in and out of popularity over the years. It always comes back around – like this year! I would definitely aim for a timeless style instead of a trendy style. The Chanel Flap bag comes to mind but I know that is waaay out of most people’s budgets (including mine).

You can see my red bag outfits below are from YEARS ago. They’re a little outdated now but I still stand by the idea of these looks. I would update the first outfit by pairing the red bag with an oversized plaid blazer and straight leg jeans (minus the newsboys cap and big earrings). For the second outfit you can see that I paired the red bag with an oversized sweater featuring neutrals and olive green.

The red bag I’m wearing in the photos is from Furla. I also like this red bag from J.Crew or this red bag from Clare V.

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