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How to Create an At-Home Spa with Avocado Organic Cotton Towels

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I think creating a peaceful and relaxing bathroom experience is essential for your wellbeing. If you think about it, you start and end your day in the bathroom. It’s important to bookend your day in a way that creates peace of mind so you can have the best day possible. That’s why I’m excited to show you how I create and at-home spa with Avocado Organic Cotton Bath Towels and Reed + Gwen body products!

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Creating an At Home Spa with Avocado Organic Cotton Towels

How to Create an At-Home Spa

1. Invest in Quality Avocado Organic Cotton Towels

First thing first, get yourself some organic bath towels from Avocado! There’s nothing worse than getting out of the shower and being stuck with a bath towel that’s too small, thin, and one that doesn’t absorb water well. The Organic Cotton Bath Towels are really thick and luxurious and made with 100% GOTS certified cotton. And most importantly, they are great at absorbing water!

I love the ribbed texture of the bath towels. It feels great and also looks great. One of the reasons the towels feel so thick is because they have 700 grams per square meter (gsm). GSM is a measure of towel weight and usually 400 gsm and above is considered a good towel weight. The higher the number, the heavier, softer, and more absorbent the towel will be. So you can see that Avocado’s Organic Cotton Bath Towels have a high gsm which puts them in the luxury towel category. You will feel like you are using a high-end spa towel in the comfort of your own bathroom!

Avocado Organic Cotton Towels Set

Avocado towels come in several sizes: wash cloth, hand towel, bath towel, bath sheet and bath mat. They are available in 4 neutral shades. The towels in these photos are Taupe but I also have a hand towel and washcloth in the Oatmeal shade and it’s lovely as well.

Good for You and the Planet

Another reason why I like the Avocado Organic Cotton Bath Towels is because they are non-toxic and eco-friendly. Avocado uses GOTS certified cotton and is MADE SAFE certified, which means it’s independently verified to be safe for people and the planet. The dyes used are also GOTS certified and environmentally friendly.

And not only is Avocado Climate Neutral Certified, they are also Climate Neutral Negative! Avocado Green Mattress offsets more carbon emissions than the company generates. Avocado as a brand is constantly working to set high standards for environmental and social responsibility which I think is great.

2. Stock Up on Reed + Gwen Clean Clean Body Care

Luxurious body products are also a must when creating an at-home spa. Not only will the Reed + Gwen products make your skin feel super soft, they also provide an aromatherapy element for further relaxation. All of the Reed + Gwen products have lavender essential oil which I LOVE. I’m obsessed with lavender essential oil for relaxation.

Reed + Gwen Bath Soak, Body Oil, Body Butter

Snoozy Bath Soak

This bath soak is sooo good. First of all, it’s beautiful! I store it in a glass jar on my shelf in the bathroom because I love to see the pink sea salts and rose petals. It’s made with magnesium flakes, Himalayan sea salt, and lavender essential oil to provide overall relaxation for tired muscles. I have a full blog post dedicated to a Reed + Gwen review but I’ve summarized the products below.

Supercharged Reishi Body Melt

The body melt is a thick cream that melts into an oil on your skin. It’s very similar to a balm with a slightly gritty texture. I find that this moisturizer is great for rough spots on your body like knees and elbows. I will apply this after the shower or bath and follow up with the Reed + Gwen body oil for even more hydration. The body melt is made with Reishi mushroom extract, hyaluronic acid, and shea butter to plump, moisturize, and soothe skin.

Reed + Gwen Clean Body Care with Avocado Organic Cotton Towels

Grounding Dry Body Oil

The Reed + Gwen Body Oil is my favorite product from the line. (And apparently everyone else’s favorite because they have a hard time keeping it in stock!). I use the body oil after every shower/bath. I LOVE the scent of the lavender, sage, cedar, and citrus essential oil blend. It also absorbs quickly and isn’t super greasy. Unlike other dry body oils I have, the Reed + Gwen Body Oil comes in a pretty big bottle – so it’s a great deal for the amount that you get. The body oil is made with maracuja oil, moringa seed oil, and avocado oil to moisturize, soothe, and nourish skin.

Reed + Gwen is a part of the Avocado Green Brands so you can expect the same commitment to eco-friendly production and sustainability. The Reed + Gwen line is Cruelty-Free, Vegan, MADE SAFE certified, Climate Neutral Certified, and a Certified B Corp. You really can’t get cleaner skincare than this!

3. Add Calming Scents + Decor

I like to create a calming atmosphere in the bathroom by adding candles, flowers, and artwork. My favorite candle brand is P.F. Candle Co. They have the best calming scents, in my opinion. I currently have the Ojai Lavender reed diffuser and candle in my bathroom and it smells divine.

Creating an at home spa with calming scents and decor

In addition to essential oil scents from the candles, I like to have natural scents from flowers or eucalyptus stems. The eucalyptus is a nice compliment to the lavender scents from the candles AND the Reed + Gwen products.

My bathroom is also a mini art exhibit…lol. I love to add vintage frames and vintage inspired artwork to my bathroom. It’s easy to switch out depending on the season and/or your mood. Right now I have floral artwork from Carleigh Courey and vintage landscapes from the thrift store on display!

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I hope you enjoyed these tips on how to create an at-home spa with Avocado Organic Cotton Towels and Reed + Gwen clean bodycare! If you have any questions, just let me know in the comments! Make sure to check out these other reviews from Avocado:

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