How to Choose the Perfect Scarf

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How to Choose a Scarf for Fall
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Many women may think selecting a scarf is a simple task. However, there is actually a science and an art to choosing the right accessory for your neck. Read on to learn about how you can shop for a scarf that works for your skin tone and lifestyle. Here is how you can make sure you have the perfect neck necessity.
Skin Tone
Since a scarf is worn so closely to your face you can pick a shade that flatters your skin tone. If the veins in your arm are blue toned, you have a cool skin. If the veins in your arm are green toned, you have warm skin. Cool skin tones look best in colors like blue, purple, green, and gray. Warm skin tones look best in colors like pink, brown, yellow, and orange. Jewel tones are always a popular pick for fall, so if you must have a scarf in one of these regal shades, select a scarf that makes your skin look bright and not washed out. Simply hold the scarf up to the side of your cheek and if your skin looks paler on the scarf side, put it back on the shelf! When in doubt, keep in mind that red is a universally flattering color and some of the most popular shades to consider for fall are dark greens, bright pinks, royal blue, and oxblood red.
If you are constantly on the go, an infinity scarf is ideal for you. It can be thrown on with ease and is always no fuss. If you are wearing a scarf to work or simply wish to look prim and polished, opt for a scarf that you can tie to provide your look with more structure. A lightweight Chan Luu scarf is a great option for this type of look. Woven from a cashmere and silk-blend fabric, they are the perfect layering piece that can be worn all year round and will add a pop of color to any ensemble. If you wish to purchase a luxurious scarf that you can wear into the office, out to dinner, or even on an elegant evening; consider purchasing a short, fur scarf. It’s soft, feminine texture looks extremely rich and classy when paired with a number of ensembles and will allow you to get years of use. Silk scarves are also evergreen, easy to fold and tie, and can even be worn on your head and on bags. If you simply need a scarf to keep you warm in cooler weather, wool or cashmere is the way to go; as nothing is warmer (or chicer)!
Consider these two important points when shopping for your next scarf.

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