How to Achieve a Vintage Farmhouse Bathroom Design

Recently, one of my bathroom design photos ended up on Real Simple and it reminded me that I never shared my bathroom design! Since we are living in my husband’s grandparents’ 50’s ranch-style house on their farm I wanted to incorporate a farmhouse vibe. I’m also really into vintage design trends now so I wanted to incorporate those as well. Check out my tips for how to achieve a vintage farmhouse bathroom design! (All sources linked below!)

Vintage Farmhouse Bathroom Design

My goal for this space was to make it feel classic but at the same time luxurious. It also needed to feel cozy and bring in some farmhouse elements (since we are living on a farm!). I think I achieved this vibe through color, texture, and accessories!

The collage below is my plan for our super small bathroom. While I have most of the elements incorporated in the bathroom now, I’m still waiting for our flooring to be installed and I still have to purchase the medicine cabinet and light fixture. We moved in January 2022 and unfortunately, it’s just taken a looooong time for renovations to happen. But if you remember what our bathroom looked like before the minor renovations, you’ll realize how far we’ve come!

vintage farmhouse bathroom collage
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Wall color: Benjamin Moore Backwoods || Flooring: Wall Pops Tiles || Vanity || Faucet || Medicine Cabinet || Light Fixture || Towel Ring || Toilet Paper Holder || Target Towels (option) || Avocado Towels (in photo) || Washable Rug || Waste Basket || Hanging Basket (option) || Stone Tray (option) || Glass Canister || Woven Canister (option) || Faux Olive Plant (option) || Glass Q-Tips Holder || Soap Dispenser || Candles + Reed Diffuser || Soap Tray || Vent Plates

CHoose a Bold Color

I think small bathrooms in particular are supposed to go BOLD – whether that be through paint color or wallpaper. Since we don’t have any ventilation in our tiny bathroom I opted for paint instead. I chose Benjamin Moore’s Backwoods for the color. Originally I only painted the beadboard that goes around the entire bathroom in this bold green shade. But this year I decided to be MORE BOLD and paint the walls and the ceiling the same color! I LOVE the way it looks. Below you can see a photo of the green color on the beadboard before I painted the rest of the wall.

Creating an at home spa with calming scents and decor

Dark Wood

Another element of “going bold” is adding dark wood to dark colored bathroom. My latest addition to the bathroom is this dark oak vanity. The dark green wall color and the dark wood give off “moody library” vibes and I’m here for it. In my opinion, this is what gives the bathroom that cozy feel.

In a perfect world I would have tried to source an antique dresser and turn it into a vanity. I do frequent the antique/vintage stores around and even FB Marketplace but nothing turned up in my price range. Plus, I just don’t have the time or skills to turn furniture into sinks…so sad.

So this vanity from Home Depot was a good substitute. The dark oak “wood” is the perfect shade and it was almost 50% off at the time I bought it.

Vintage Artwork + Accessories

This was the fun part for me – decorating! I went to thrift stores to source cheap “vintage” looking frames. Sometimes the artwork was also super cute so I didn’t have to change anything. I used the artwork from my Carleigh Courey Calendar in the frames. I’ve also used several prints from Olive & Oak Collective that I rotate depending on the season.

I picked up the cutest Amish-made hanging basket from a local shop. This basket doubles as storage for wash clothes and other bathroom items and a place for flowers (real or faux).

Mix Metals

Don’t be afraid to mix metals on the fixtures! It makes the overall design more interesting and “collected”. I use silver, matte black, and gold in this bathroom. The key is to incorporate each metal several times throughout the bathroom to make it look intentional. For example, the shower, toilet, and faucet are silver. The towel ring, medicine cabinet and lights are matte black. You can’t see it in the collage but my switch plates, and accessories (picture frames, candles) are brass/gold.

Add Textiles and Texture

To make sure the bathroom doesn’t feel stale and cold I love adding texture. You can add texture by adding a rug, towels on display, and accessories made from different materials. In my design I have marble and wood trays for soaps and container storage. I chose a woven waste basket, hanging basket, and container for cotton puffs. The picture frames also add texture. Instead of choosing plain wood or metal frames I went with vintage-inspired frames with intricate designs carved into them. The beadboard that goes around the entire bathroom also helps with adding texture and a vintage farmhouse feel.

Reed and Gwen Bath Salts in glass jar on bathroom tray

I’ll be adding more photos of the current state of my bathroom so you can see more of the details. We still haven’t installed the flooring (which should be easy since they are peel-and-stick tiles). And I still need to purchase a medicine cabinet and lighting. But overall, I’m happy with our tiny bathroom that I’ve fixed up on a budget!

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