HoldOn Compostable Trash Bags and Storage Bags: An Eco-Friendly Alternative

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I’m venturing away from fashion and beauty posts for a moment to talk about something I think is really cool – compostable trash bags and storage bags! As you know, I recently moved into a fixer upper so I’ve been doing a LOT of cleaning. And that means I’ve been using A LOT of trash bags. I’ve been feeling really bad about it because I’m throwing out at least 5 bags of trash a week – and that’s a lot of plastic going to landfills. So I was SO happy to hear about HoldOn compostable trash bags and storage bags. Now I can keep my house clean and feel less guilty about it!

HoldOn Compostable Trash Bags

HoldOn Compostable Trash Bags and Storage Bags

The Plastic Waste Problem

Maybe you’re thinking – so what? Throwing out plastic bags full of trash is just part of everyday life and no big deal. But it actually IS a big deal and really bad for the environment. Plastic requires large amounts of fossil fuel in production AND it takes 500 to 1000 years to break down – if at all! And even when plastic breaks down it emits harmful toxic gasses and dissolves into micro plastics, which make their way into the ocean and the environment where they are ingested by animals and other wildlife. Overall, the whole situation is just BAD for the environment and for people.

About HoldOn Compostable Trash Bags and Storage Bags

Unlike traditional plastic bags, HoldOn bags are made from plant-based, non-toxic, food safe materials that break down cleanly in a matter of weeks! HoldOn biodegradable bags are also packaged responsibly in FSC certified boxes.

HoldOn Compostable Trash Bags and Storage Bags

Biodegradable and Compostable Trash Bags

HoldOn bags come in 13 gallon and 4 gallon trash bag sizes so they are perfect for using in your standard 13 gallon trash can or for small trash cans in a bathroom or office. They have a durable, heavy duty drawstring tie and are flexible enough to hold heavy loads without ripping or leaking!

You use the HoldOn trash bags as you would normally use a regular plastic trash bag. To compost the HoldOn trash bag make sure that you are only filling it with compostable materials only (food waste, newspaper, cardboard, etc.) and throw everything in your compost bin! It only takes a few weeks for it to break down! If you aren’t into composting you can still use the HoldOn trash bags like a regular trash bag and throw it in the garbage. The bag will eventually decompose from the heat, air, and pressure in a landfill without emitting toxic gasses!

Eco-friendly Food Storage

HoldOn also makes compostable, biodegradable, and food safe storage bags! They come in gallon and sandwich size which are perfect for packing lunches and snacks, food prep and storage, home organization and more! They have an easy zip closure to prevent leaks and seal in freshness. And just like the HoldOn trash bags, you are able to compost them or throw them out where they will decompose quickly in a landfill without emitting toxins. To speed decomposition along you can cut the zip closure off and throw both pieces in the compost. The bags have the cut line conveniently marked too so there’s no confusion!

How I’m Using HoldOn Compostable Trash Bags and Plastic Bags

Honestly, using HoldOn bags feels exactly the same as using traditional plastic bags – without the guilt! The only difference I can see between the HoldOn bags and the regular plastic bags that I use is that the HoldOn bags are thinner. However, I’m used to using the thick, heavy duty trash bags so that could be why I feel a difference. I’ve been throwing out food waste and trash like I normally do though and so far the HoldOn bags haven’t ripped! And I actually prefer the thinner material on the HoldOn storage bags. I have some reusable storage bags that are pretty thick and I find them hard to take on-the-go because they aren’t flexible.

Biodegradable plastic bags

I really want to get better at producing less waste but it’s hard when you are cleaning and renovating a house – plus have 2 young kids at home! It seems like filling up trash bags is unavoidable right now. So I’m really glad to have biodegradable “plastic” bags as an option. I do have reusable Stasher bags – which are great – but now that I don’t have a dishwasher anymore the less I have to wash, the better! So I love that I can just throw the plastic bags away after I’m done using them and not feel so guilty about contributing to plastic waste.

HoldOn bags are available through Holdon.com right now! And if you have any questions just let me know in the comments!

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