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Freda Salvador Shoe Review: 6+ Pairs Reviewed and Styled!

Since I have quite a collection of Freda Salvador Shoes I thought it was necessary to round them all up in one post for easy access! Here is my complete Freda Salvador Shoe Review – updated whenever I get new styles!

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I am a Freda Salvador Ambassador and the below shoes were gifted to me for review.

Freda Salvador Shoe Review

About Freda Salvador

Before I get into individual pairs of shoes I wanted to give a quick overview of Freda Salvador the brand. One of the reasons I love this women founded brand is that they ethically make their shoes in small batches in family-run factories in Spain and Italy. The craftsmanship and materials are top notch and you can tell from the design of the shoe that they are made to last.

I’ve been an ambassador with Freda Salvador for about a year now and the team running the brand is a pleasure to work with as well. The co-founder of the brand even reached out to me via email to run influencer campaigns while they were looking to hire someone else – that’s how involved this brand is!

Freda Salvador Sizing

First, I’ll just let you know about my feet…lol. I have narrow feet and I’m either an 8.5 or 9 in shoes across varying brands. One of my feet is even slightly longer than the other one so you can imagine that it’s difficult to find pairs that actually fit and are comfortable.

I’ve taken an 8.5 in (almost) all of my Freda shoes and they fit perfectly. It’s kind of a miracle. I can’t think of another brand where the sizing has been so consistent. So based on my experience, if you are in-between sizes you can take your smaller size. Freda also lets you know which last they use for their different style so you can get a better idea of how the shoe will fit.

JADA Square Toe Ballet Flat

I FINALLY got my hands on the popular JADA ballet flat. They always go out of stock so quickly! I picked these up during the last F+F sale. Luckily, they come in a bunch of colors so even if the color you want is out of stock there are a lot more great options. Honestly, I would get a third or fourth pair because I love these flats so much. (The green and silver pairs are next on my list!). The JADA is a classic ballet flat with some updated features like the woven leather and square toe which helps keep them from looking “too sweet”.

UPDATE – I was able to get my hands on the crimson JADA ballet flats so you can see both styled below!

Freda Salvador JADA Ballet flats review

I’m wearing the size 8.5 in both of the colors, which is my usual Freda size. I noticed that the crimson JADA’s fit a little more snug than the latte shade. I do prefer how the red flats fit because my feet are narrow and I usually need a tighter fit. I’m assuming the slight size difference is because these are handwoven so some variation is to be expected.

The leather is very soft and flexible so even if they fit slightly tight at first I think they will break in nicely. Some reviews on the website mention that they had to size up but I feel like they fit true to size.

P.S. The ROMA Round Toe sandals are available in the red and natural woven colorways as well! I think the only difference is the toe shape.

Freda Salvador JADA bellet flats

How to Style the JADA Ballet Flat

I went with a neutral color-block outfit for my first styling of the latte JADA flats. But these flats are so versatile you can literally wear them with anything! I also think these are a great (almost) year round shoe. They will work in the spring, summer, and early fall.

I styled my red JADA flats with a blue floral dress from Christy Dawn. The dress has tiny red flowers on it so I chose the red flats to draw attention to that. Even though the red flats are a statement I’ve been able to wear them with a lot of outfits.

SERA Fisherman Sandal

The SERA Fisherman Sandal is a classic style updated with gold studs. They have a padded footbed and signature studded welt. The SERA is available in calf leather, suede, and canvas and with or without the studs!

Freda Salvador Sera studded fisherman sandals

I ended up liking these more than I thought I would! They are definitely high quality sandals with a sturdy sole and nice padded footbed. I also love that these aren’t start white – they are definitely a cream/off white shade. And I love that the gold studs add a little more edge to the look.

I took the 8.5 in the SERA sandals and I think they are a good fit. The fit notes mention that these are fitting a little roomy and I would agree with that. Since my feet are narrow they do have a bit of wiggle room. Compared the to HATTIE Fisherman (reviewed below), these definitely have a wider footbed. I think I could have sized down to an 8 if I wanted a tighter fit. The leather is soft and I think these will definitely loosen up to form to your foot if they are fighting a bit tight at first.

HATTIE Fisherman Midheel

The HATTIE Fisherman Midheel is a new release for spring and comes in three leather styles. I got the Black Calf in size 8.5. I took my usual Freda size so I found them true to size. The black calf leather is really soft and molds to my foot. The footbed is padded and REALLY comfortable. I almost didn’t feel like I was wearing shoes when I tried these on for the first time!

Freda Salvador Hattie Fisherman Sandals

How to Style the Hattie Sandals

As you can see above, I love styling the HATTIE with neutral black and white outfits! I’ve been styling them more casually with baggy denim and shorts but they are great shoes to wear dressed up. I would pair them with summer dresses or a pair of linen shorts.

LIBBY D’Orsay Sneaker

The LIBBY D’Orsay Sneaker is 100% Italian leather with a padded leather footbed and vulcanized rubber sole for comfort and durability. What makes these sneakers unique is the cut out detail and three strap closure. I would say the LIBBY sneaker is one of Freda Salvador’s best sellers and a classic pair that’s available year round.

Libby D'Orsay Sneakers in Suede

I’m wearing the 8.5 in Stucco Suede. Initially, I was a little unsure if they would work for my feet. Usually, slip on style shoes don’t work as well for me since my feet are so narrow. However, I was pleasantly surprised that these fit perfectly! I do have to pull the velcro tabs pretty tight to account for my narrow feet and you can see that the tabs hang over the side of the shoe. But I can wear these comfortably with or without socks. These sneakers are very comfortable but I wouldn’t say they are as comfortable as an athletic sneaker. After wearing these all day without socks I do notice my heel rubbing a bit. But overall I’m really happy with these sneakers. I’m not really a sneaker person but I find myself reaching for this pair often.

How to Style the LIBBY D’Orsay Sneakers

I usually find myself wearing the LIBBY sneaker with a pair of skinny jeans and a fun blouse. But these sneakers can really be worn with any outfit – from dresses to trousers to wide leg jeans.

Freda Salvador LIBBY Outfit Review HERE


The KEEN Mule is a slip on shoe in 100% handwoven leather in nude. It has the Freda signature studded welt and a stacked heel with a cool leather detail. This style also comes in a black croc embossed leather.

Freda Salvador Woven Leather Keen Mules

Again, I wasn’t sure this style would work for my narrow feet because of the slip on style. But I was pleasantly surprised! I’m wearing an 8.5 (again). There is a little bit of room around my foot (you can see in the photos below) but I haven’t had a problem with them slipping off yet! I think the slight heel helps to keep my foot forward in the shoe. Now, I know these are made of a soft leather so there is a possibility of them stretching out more as I wear them. But so far they have been fine.

How to Style the KEEN Mule

Because these shoes are a very neutral, nude leather they go with pretty much any outfit! I love the woven leather of the mule because I think it brings a nice texture to any outfit. I wear these most often with denim and a cute blouse but they would look great with a dress as well.

Freda Salvador KEEN Mule Outfit Review

ELBA Penny Loafer

One of the newest additions to my Freda Salvador collection is the ELBA Penny Loafer in Black Spazzolato. This is a classic penny loafer updated with those Freda Salvador details that I love – like their signature notched welt and an angled leather heel. The black leather has a nice shine to it without being too shiny.

Freda Salvador Elba Penny Loafers

I’m wearing size 8.5 which is my usual Freda Salvador size and they are perfect. They don’t slip off my feet but I feel like I have enough room to wear them with thin socks if I want. They are also very comfortable and squish my toes at all due to the wider toe box.

How to Style the ELBA Penny Loafer

I’ve worn these loafers dressed up and down – they are really versatile and a great closet staple. 100% recommend! The ELBA comes in a ton of colors and leathers so there’s something for everyone!

Freda Salvador ELBA Penny Loafer Outfit Review Here

BROOKE Rain Resistant Boot

The BROOKE Boot is a boot you can wear in all kinds of weather. The suede is waterproof so you can wear it rain or shine! The sole may look chunky but it’s actually made from a lightweight foam rubber. Seriously, I couldn’t believe how light these boots were! They are lighter than ELBA loafers and definitely the lightest pair of boots that I own. This is a pair of fall boots that you’ll be able to wear all day with no problem.

Other details I like about the BROOKE boots is the studded welt and slim shaft with pull tabs. I have a very skinny ankle so I like that the shaft on these boots isn’t too wide. These are definitely functional yet chic boots.

Freda Salvador Brooke Boot Review

I’m wearing the 8.5 in Brown Suede which is my usual Freda Salvador size. There’s a little more room in the body of the shoe than I would like (I’ve noticed this with my other pair of Freda boots) but I can just wear thick socks and the fit is perfect. The BROOKE Boot comes in several colors and I recently got the opportunity to try the BROOKE Boots in Mink (see below). I love that the Mink pair is more monochromatic – it doesn’t have the sharp contrast of black/brown like my other pair. The Mink will probably be a little harder to keep clean so I’m using these as my “dress up” boots…lol.

How to Style the BROOKE Boot

I recently styled my BROOKE boots with a fall wrap skirt and sweater. I liked the contrast of the feminine skirt with the chunky boots. The BROOKE boot would also look great with a sweater dress and a pair of thick socks peeking out of the top. Or with straight leg jeans and a plaid blazer. There are tons of possibilities for these boots!

Freda Salvador BROOKE Boot Outfit Review HERE

MOLLY Western Knee High Boot

The MOLLY Boot is a new release for Fall ’23 and makes quite the statement! They are western style boots made from 100% stain resistant suede. What makes these more unique is the elongated and rounded shaft (you can see the “notches” at the top of the boot). Of course, they have the signature notched welt and a pointed toe.

Freda Salvador Suede Thigh High Western Boots outfit

I’m wearing the 8.5 in the MOLLY Boots so I took my usual Freda Salvador size. However, these are a bit more snug than my other Freda shoes (although, not as tight as the ACE boots). I think this is due to the pointed toe – my heels feel fine in these. I do have to break these in a bit more so I’m sure they will loosen up in the toe a bit. But if you are in-between sizes or you want more room in the foot area for thick socks, I would take your larger size or size up. I probably would have had to take the size 9 if I didn’t have such thin and narrow feet.

The other think I was worried about was the shaft looking so big on my thin legs. But I was pleasantly surprised! I think they look great! The MOLLY is supposed to have a loose and slouchy look so this isn’t going to be a skin tight boot. I found them pretty easy to get on considering there is no zipper. And the rounded “notched” top allows my knee to bend which makes sitting down in these over the knee boots a lot easier.

How to Style the MOLLY Boots

I just got these boots so I haven’t gotten a chance to photograph a ton of looks. I recently wore them with a plaid slip dress and blazer. You don’t always have to show off your OTK boots. I choose to have them mainly covered by the long dress. That way my legs have more coverage and warmth under this light slip. But I am for sure going to pair these boots with sweater dresses and mini skirts!


The LIGHT HALO Loafer is a part of the RENEW: Leftover Leathers Collection. In an effort to be sustainable and reduce waste, Freda used the leftover leather from previous collections to create new versions of beloved designs! This pair features a beautiful tan embossed croc leather, studded welt, brass halo ornament, and a leather detail on the stacked heel. I loved all these little details which is why I chose this pair!

Freda Salvador Light Halo Loafers outfit

I’m wearing the 8.5 which is my usual size in Freda shoes. This pair does have a more narrow toe box so if you have wide feet you might want to consider sizing up. Since I have narrow feet I often don’t have a problem with narrow designs.

This is probably the least comfortable pair out of all my Freda shoes. I do think they require some breaking in. I wore them without socks the first time and did get several blisters. When I wear them with socks they are a lot more comfortable. I haven’t had them long enough to really break them in yet but they are genuine leather so I’m assuming they will relax with wear. I found the the ELBA Loafers were more comfortable right out of the box.

And while I do really like the brass halo detail, I’ve found that it oxidizes and leaves a black mark on the loafer after awhile. I was able to buff out the black mark on the leather but I’m assuming that it will keep happening with wear. It doesn’t bother me but I thought I’d mention it.

How to style the LIGHT HALO Loafer

These loafers are really versatile while also being different and unique. I love a tan/neutral outfit to match the tan croc embossed leather. I kept my outfit simple so that the loafers would get most of the attention. This is a more menswear inspired approach to this look but I think these loafers would work just as well with a dress or skirt.

Full LIGHT HALO Loafer Review post HERE!

ACE Lace Up Boot

The ACE Lace Up Boot is probably my favorite Freda shoe so far! This is also one of the newer additions to my collection. I picked these babies up during a holiday sale!

The ACE is a lace up combat boot in suede. What attracted me to this shoe is the grommet eyelets and contrasting white laces. The ACE boot also comes in a black leather but I thought the brown suede + white lace combo was just a little more interesting.

Freda Salvador ACE Boots

The ACE boot is a really comfortable boot. I didn’t need to break them in at all. The suede is really soft so I think that helps. (I can’t speak for the black leather pair thought). The heel height is also really comfortable.

I originally purchased these in an 8.5 because, like I mentioned above, ALL of my Freda shoes have been 8.5. However, the 8.5 was just too tight – especially in the toe box. So I exchanged for a size 9 and they fit perfectly! The sizing notes on this shoe say that if you have a wider foot you should size up. However, I have a narrow foot and these were still too tight. So my suggestion would be to take your larger size if you are in-between sizes (like I am).

Freda Salvador ACE boot in suede review

See more of the ACE boot in this post!

JUANA Slingback Moccasin

The JUANA Slingback Moccasin is penny loafer style shoe with an open heel and buckle strap that you can adjust. It’s made from 100% Italian croc embossed leather. This shoe also includes the signature notched welt and chunky rubber lug sole. Sadly, the white croc isn’t available anymore but the JUANA still comes in a black croc, white calf, and black calf.

Freda Salvador Juana Slingback Moccasin Review

I chose the JUANA because it had the adjustable back strap, which I find helpful for my narrow feet. I’m wearing the 8.5 and they fit perfectly. These shoes are actually REALLY comfortable. the padded footbed and lightweight rubber sole make these a really easy shoe to walk in.

Juana Slingback Moccasin Review with spring floral dress

How to Style the JUANA Slingback Moccasins

Even though these are a closed toe shoe I actually got these in the summer and was able to wear them with my dresses and skirts. I think the masculine style works really well with feminine dresses (as you can see below). And as the weather gets cooler I can add a pair of cute socks!

Freda Salvador JUANA Outfit Review HERE

JAMES Shearling Slipper

The JAMES Shearling Slipper was a surprise gift from Freda Salvador and I actually wear them all the time now! The JAMES is a house slipper made with 100% shearling upper and lining with a padded suede sole. I’m an 8.5 so the size Medium fits me perfectly. I wear these around the house in the fall/winter months and they keep my feet cozy. The JAMES comes in a bunch of different colors/prints and materials. I don’t have photos of these but I just wanted to mention them because I do get a lot of wear out of them.

Freda Salvador Shoe Review Final Thoughts

I know that Freda Salvador shoes are an investment but I really do think they are worth the money. I honestly haven’t been disappointed with any of my Freda Shoes. Not only are all of my Freda shoes comfortable, but they have amazing details that make them stand out from the rest of my extensive shoe collection. Like I mentioned above, I haven’t tried a shoe brand that has been this consistent with size and fit. It’s nice to be able to order a pair of shoes online and have them fit perfectly every time.

I hope this Freda Salvador Shoe Review was helpful! I’ll be updating this page with any other Freda shoes that I get so check back occasionally whenever Freda launches new collections.

How to Get a Discount on Freda Salvador Shoes

Freda Salvador occasionally has sales where you can get up to 20-25% off. Since I am an ambassador I get early access to the sale to share with my followers. You really do want to take advantage of the early access sales because sizes sell out quickly. I always announce the early access sales on my Instagram so make sure to follow me @jeansandateacup!

If you have any questions about Freda Shoes just let me know! and don’t forget that my code ’15JESSICA’ gets you 15% off your Freda Salvador purchase anytime!

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