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Freda Salvador Light Halo Loafer Review

I’m excited to share one of the shoes from Freda Salvador’s RENEW: Leftover Leather Collection. This collection uses the leftover leathers from previous collections to create limited edition designs with some of Freda’s popular styles. I got a chance to try out the LIGHT HALO LOAFER with the beautiful tan embossed croc leather. So without further adieu, here is my Freda Salvador Light Halo Loafer Review!

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Freda Salvador Light Halo Loafer Review

Freda Salvador Light Halo Loafer Review


I found the LIGHT HALO LOAFER runs true to size. I’m usually either an 8.5 or 9 in shoes depending on the brand and style. I’ve found my true size in Freda shoes is an 8.5. I’m wearing size 8.5 in this pair which is the same size I wear in almost all of my Freda Salvador shoes (and I have 8 pairs!).

Freda lets you know what last they use for each style which can be helpful for figuring out if a style will work for you. You can find out more info about lasts here!

These loafers aren’t my most comfortable pair of Freda shoes but I still enjoy wearing them. It could be that I need to break them in a bit more – I haven’t been able to wear them a ton yet. The leather is a bit stiffer than some of my other pairs. I’ve been wearing them with socks recently and that feels a lot more comfortable! Plus, I do like how they look with a pair of socks.

How to Style the Freda Salvador LIGHT HALO LOAFER

Freda Salvador Light Halo Loafers with tan blazer and denim

I obviously love pairing loafers with blazers for a menswear inspired look. I kept the outfit rather simple to bring the attention to the LIGHT HALO Loafers. Freda Salvador does a great job with the details on their shoes. I love the signature studded welt, the leather detail on the heel, and the brass halo around the top of the shoe. Plus, the embossed croc leather is beautiful!

Oversized Tan Blazer, White tee shirt, 90's denim outfit

The rest of the outfit is all Everlane! Everlane does a great job with basics so I’m wearing their 90’s Cheeky Jeans, 80’s Blazer, and Organic Cotton Crew Tee.

Outfit Details: Everlane Blazer || Everlane T-Shirt || Everlane Denim || Freda Loafers c/o

Freda Salvador Light Halo Loafers outfit

Overall Thoughts

Overall, I really love the details on these loafers. They are an updated take on the classic loafer that makes them stand out in my collection. As far as comfort goes, they aren’t the most comfortable pair in my closet. The ELBA Penny Loafer is a more comfortable loafer for me. I also want to mention that even though I do love the brass halo on this shoe it does oxidize and leave a black mark against the leather where it rubs. I was able to remove the mark with a jewelry cloth but I’m assuming it will keep coming back with wear. It doesn’t bother me but I thought I should mention it.

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And check out my comprehensive Freda Salvador post where I review my entire collection!

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