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Meagan from Because of Jackie recently tagged me in her Five Things post and I thought I’d play along! I don’t usually share a lot of personal information on here.  Partly because I’m an introvert and partly because I’m concerned about privacy…especially on the internet. Don’t want any weird stalkers! But it’s nice to get to know the people behind the blog a little better so here it goes….

1) My “job” at the moment is being a background actor aka an extra in film and tv.  I’m definitely not an actor but it’s been a lot of fun getting a peek inside “hollywood”.  I used to work on a different show everyday but for the past few months it’s been really, really slow and often don’t get to work more than three days a month.  Here’s a collage of some of the different “characters” I’ve played along the way.  1) a party goer at a masquerade ball 2) burn victim! 3) stab wound victim 4) Celebrating the 1940’s
2) My degrees are actually in music but haven’t been able to find a job in that field.  So on most Saturdays you will find me playing the clarinet in a small ensemble with other professional musicians. It’s not a paid gig but at least I’m still playing!
ok…those are probably the most interesting parts of my life but I’ll try to think of three more…

3) I’ve started to become really OCD about locking things and checking to make sure I turned things off.  I usually lock my door, walk to my car, and then get really nervous that I forgot to lock the door even though I know I did! I then have to go back and check the door. 

4) I think I’ve mentioned this before but I met my husband in 7th grade. We didn’t start dating until I was 15 but we’ve been together ever since.  We weren’t able to get married until 2 years ago. May will be our 2nd anniversary! I think I win the award for longest time dating before getting married…it was about 10 years! Gah!  (This is us at a friends wedding). 
Ok…one more…

5) I LOVE Twilight…OK?! When I picked up the first book I couldn’t put it down…literally. I started it one evening and didn’t stop until maybe 4am? I finished the book in two days.  I’ve re-read the series twice already. And may or may not have bought the graphic novel as well… But let’s be clear.  The movies are a horrible representation of the book.  Kristen Stewart is probably the worst choice to play Bella.  It just ruins the whole thing.  I’m not saying that Twilight is a great piece of literature.  Look, I read classics – Austen, Wilde, Dumas, Bronte, Tolstoy, etc. Those are the meat and potatoes.  Twilight is dessert and I thoroughly enjoy it.  

Tagging Alissa, Ashley, Amy, Jenny, and Bonnie (no pressure though!) 

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  1. I liked the Twilight books and didn't like the movies. The casting went against my images of the books entirely. And the only movie I liked at all was the last one. But then I think I was spoiled by the Harry Potter movies which weren't bad.

  2. what a cool job to work on tv shows! i would just love getting to be a different "person" and wear cool outfits. even if they're covered in fake blood haha. i've been getting more paranoid about making sure my car is locked too and i always worry if i turned my straightener off. i usually already did it, but i feel compelled to double check too!

  3. That's awesome!!! The summer after my internship and gradschool I did the same thing! I was an extra on a movie a couple of times and let me say, that job is TOUGH!!! it was tons of fun and meeting all the different people, but it was tiring!
    And I wish I had a chance to dance like you get to play your clarinet. I want to be at a studio, to learn dance without having to pay…Guess I'll just dance in my living room.
    and HEY…you and I have a similar story!
    Hubby and I had the same class in 8th grade and he used to make fun of me then. Fast forward to 10th grade and we began having the same friends. add two more years and we began dating as seniors. Went off to study at U.Florida together and 11 years later after we became a couple…we finally became official hubby and wife 🙂

    Andie's Traveling Pants