Finding the Perfect Bra with Evelyn & Bobbie

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Evelyn and Bobbie Bra Pop Up Shop in Venice California

Finding the perfect bra is a struggle, amiright ladies?! Common problems include being too tight or too loose, straps that dig into your skin, and just not being supportive in general. Being a blogger, I’ve gotten to try out A LOT of different bras from different companies. And while I have liked all of the bras I’ve reviewed, they have all been pretty much the same. That’s why I’m excited to introduce you to Evelyn & Bobbie.

Evelyn and Bobbie is a bra start up that’s revolutionizing the industry

Behind Evelyn & Bobbie is a team of designers, engineers and innovative women who are coming up with solutions for the problems facing women and their intimate apparel. Their goal is to create functional and beautiful products for every women.

High Quality Bra for Every Skin Type

What makes Evelyn & Bobbie Different?

No More Underwire!

Evelyn & Bobbie has done away with the underwire and uses 3D technology, in-depth research and data to create a three dimensional support component called the EB core. This core is shaped like your ribs and is flexible and molds to your body as you wear it. The EB core allows the bra to lift from below your bust so you are carrying the weight at your core and not on your shoulders. Because of this the Evelyn & Bobbie Everyday Bustier is meant to be worn strapless! Of course, straps are included in case you are more comfortable with straps.

Seamless, Supportive Wide Band

The band on the Everyday Bustier is seamless (no back hook and eye closures) with a gorgeous front closure which stays closed and secure with a snap. The band is wide and uses a patented body wrapping structure to hug your body and provide invisible support under your clothes.

A “Nude” Color for Everyone

Evelyn & Bobbie has also taken into account that “nude” is not a one-size-fits-all color. They created their True Complexion color palette based off scans of real women’s skin tones. Now more women will be able to find a nude color bra that closely matches their skin tone!

More Comprehensive Sizing

Evelyn & Bobbie has done a way with the limited, traditional sizes. You won’t find your typical A,B,C,D cups and 32,34,36,38 size bands on their site. Evelyn and Bobbie uses 3D technology and data gathered from all different bodies types to create a unique algorithm for determining sizes. All you have to do to figure out your size is take their easy Fit Quiz. OR you can visit their Pop Up Shop in Venice for a bra fitting! The good news is, I got the same size after taking the test that I got when I went for my bra fitting in store. So the bra calculator on their website is accurate!

Jeans and a Teacup Los Angeles Style Blogger at the Evelyn and Bobbie Pop Up Bra Shop

Find the Perfect Bra at the Evelyn & Bobbie Pop Up Shop!

If you live in the Los Angeles area I highly recommend you stop by the Evelyn & Bobbie pop up shop in Venice that’s happening until September 7th! It’s located on Abbot Kinney Boulevard so there’s lots of fun stuff to see there! I went last week for a personalized fitting and loved it! The vibe of the pop up is really fun! There’s even a mini “For the Love of Boobs” art gallery inside!

Evelyn & Bobbie Pop Up Location

1306 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Venice, CA 90291

If you aren’t able to make it to the pop up in California, I made a little video with a peak inside! Check it out on my YouTube channel below! P.S. I’d love it if you subscribed to my channel too!

Find the Perfect Bra at the Evelyn and Bobbie Pop Up Shop

My Review of the Evelyn & Bobbie Bra


I have to admit, I was giving the Evelyn and Bobbie girls quite the challenge to find a bra that works for me. My boobs are completely different sizes now because of breastfeeding. One is a DD cup and the other is maybe a C cup?? Plus, I’m still breastfeeding so my boobs are also constantly changing size with milk. It’s really frustrating! I also have a really small rib cage so sometimes it’s hard to find bra bands that are tight enough. I currently wear a 32 DD bra just to give you an idea of my normal size.

When I got measured I was matched with size 04.06.038. I have no idea what that means…lol. I have a really small rib cage so they were looking for a bra with a small band but bigger cups (because we measured off of my larger boob). Evelyn & Bobbie bras are supposed to fit pretty tight around the band so they can be worn strapless.

I’m not sure what the other sizes are labeled like. In order to pick a size you have to take the fit quiz and they’ll match you to your correct size.


Right off the bat, the bra isn’t the most comfortable for me. The idea is that the Evelyn & Bobbie bra will mold to your body and shape. So there is a “breaking in” period. The band feels pretty tight on me right now. But I know that will eventually loosen up so I don’t think that will be a problem. The cups also need to adjust to my body shape a little more. It fits the smaller boob perfectly – it’s just the larger one that needs work…haha. It has what Evelyn & Bobbie call a “double bubble” which is where the breast spills over the top. But the EB bras were created to be molded so they suggest you stretch out the top edge. And that will also loosen up over time. So according to Evelyn & Bobbie, these fit issues are all normal and I just have to wear the bra more so that it adjusts to my shape. You can read about all the EB Fit Tips here!

I also have to get used to the overall style of the bra. Evelyn & Bobbie only makes one style which is called the Everyday Bustier. And since it’s supposed to support from the bottom and not the straps, it sits lower on your torso. They call it a “longline bra”. I don’t normally wear this type of bra so it does feel a little bottom heavy to me. It’s also got some padding and I’m not used to wearing padded bras. So overall, the bra feels a little stiff to me right now.


I really love the style of the Everyday Bustier. It’s sleek and minimal. It does look like the perfect everyday bra. Evelyn & Bobbie also uses innovative technology so that it’s seamless. It’s a great bra for being invisible underneath clothing. And the nude colors to choose from are really spot on so you’ll be able to find something to match your skin tone.


The Everyday Bustier costs $128 which is definitely an investment. Evelyn and Bobbie believes in using the highest quality materials and innovative technology so you get what you pay for! The idea is that most women have $400 worth of unused bras so it’s worth paying a little more for a bra you’ll actually wear!

Evelyn and Bobbie has a very generous return policy so if you aren’t happy with your purchase you can send it back! You have 60 days to try it out and make up your mind. So buying an Evelyn and Bobbie bra is basically risk free! You’ll either end up with a bra you love that’s worth the price or you can get your money back.


I should also mention that Evelyn & Bobbie carries three styles of knickers to go along with the Everyday Bustier! I took home the thong and retro bikini but they also have a mid-rise girl short. And believe it or not but the underwear is one size fits all from XS to XL! The fabric is specially designed to stretch according to your shape. I usually wear an XS or Small and I have a flat bum and these still fit me! It’s kind of amazing. These are more affordable at $28 each or as low as $19 if you buy 5.

Evelyn & Bobbie Bra Fitting in Venice California

Overall, I have high hopes for my Evelyn & Bobbie bra! I’m hoping it will become one of my favorites after I break it in. I really love the idea and message behind the company. They are truly innovators and trying to change the industry! So if you live in LA I highly suggest you stop by the pop up shop to check it out!

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