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If any of you have been to a music festival you know that they are fun but can also be kind of uncomfortable if you don’t have the right items. Luckily for you, I’m sharing five Festival Season Essentials I got in my Babbleboxx that will keep you stylish and comfortable! Babbleboxx Festival Essentials

Since most festivals take place out of doors, sunglasses are a MUST HAVE. Not only are they stylish but they protect your eyes (and skin) from the sun. But if you are like me and always loose your sunnies then you’re going to want a pair that are stylish but won’t break the bank. That’s where Zenni Optical comes in. They have a wide range of sunglasses and eyeglasses with prices starting at just $6.95! That means you can stock up on a bunch of your favorite festival styles!

Zenni Optical Sunglasses

The pair that I got in my Babbleboxx are so fun! This is a new style that’s launching at the end of the month so keep your eyes out! I would pair them with my high waisted denim shorts, a cropped tee, and studded ankle boots for a cute festival look.

Algenist POWER Recharging Night Pressed Serum

And long festival days mean there’s not a whole lot of time to sleep and recharge! So it’s important to have your beauty routine work extra hard for you. A powerful, hydrating serum is definitely a must have during festival season and this Algenist POWER Recharging Night Pressed Serum fits the bill! It’s a little different from traditional serums because it’s a solid serum – it starts out as a cream and then melts into a serum on your skin!  It contains anti-aging Alguronic Acid, AlgaProtein, and nutrient-rich coconut water. Put this baby on at night after cleansing and toning and you’ll wake up with glowing, hydrated skin! I also really love the light, sweet, coconut oil scent!

LumaBella Keratin Dual Touch Styler

Another beauty must have, in my opinion, is a a great flat iron. If you want to achieve the perfect festival style hair then you need one of these. A flat iron works great for getting stick straight locks OR nice, natural curls. I actually use a straightener to curl my hair and it works WAY better than a curling iron! I’ve been using one for years now and I’m excited to finally upgrade to this LumaBella Keratin Dual Touch Styler! The heat sensing ceramic plates make sure that you don’t burn or damage your hair by detecting dry areas while you style and automatically adjusting the temperature. How cool is that?! The plates are also infused with keratin micro-conditioners so it helps leave your hair smooth and soft. Since I’m all about low maintenance hair, especially during festival days, I’ll use my LumaBella Styler to curl my hair and go! When I curl my hair with the LumaBella, my hair will stay curled for days until I wash it again!

Jockey Underwear, Earth Shoes and Zenni Optical Sunglasses

Comfort is also key during festival days. There’s A LOT of walking going on so comfortable shoes are a must. Thank goodness for Earth Shoes! They are made with cushioning along the footbed, arch support, and come in eco-friendly packaging. I got the Tierra style in Black Silky Suede and they are gorgeous! It’s a style that will go with any outfit – I would wear them with a floral sundress, denim jacket, and sun hat during festival season. And because of the cushioned footbed, they are comfortable enough to wear all day.

And don’t forget what’s under all those cute festival clothes – your underwear! I used to want to only wear “fashionable” undies that weren’t exactly comfortable (think lots of wedgies – yikes!). But now I can have both fashion and comfort with the Jockey Retro Stripe Collection. The cotton bralette and matching panties are seriously my new favorite set and I think I’m going to have to go out and buy more. And the bralette is actually cute enough to wear on it’s own under a denim jacket, pair of overalls, or button up linen shirt. It’s perfect for those hot summer festival days!

What are your summer festival must haves? 


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