Fancy Casual

Shirt: Nordstrom Rack, Skirt: Zara, Sandals: Target, Bag: H&M, Necklace: American Eagle, Bracelets: InPink, Forever 21, Nails: Essie Geranium, Lips: Sephora Latin Lover

This is what I consider a fancy casual outfit.  I’m wearing a skirt so that makes it fancy and the T-shirt brings it down to a casual level.  Complicated, right?

So I got this necklace on clearance for about $3 a long time ago.  When I was checking out the sales lady said something to the effect of “I didn’t think anyone would buy this”.  I was a little taken aback.  I mean, is the necklace that bad?  I’ll admit that at the time it wasn’t totally my style.  I wasn’t sure I liked the gold rhinestone bow but thought I would just switch it with another bead.  But since then it’s grown on me.  And did I mention it was only $3?  So was the sales lady right? Is this a weird necklace that no sane person would buy?  Or a good fashion find?
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  1. Really like the bracelet! And I think the necklace is cute! It's one of those pieces that doesn't look that exciting in a thrift store next to grandma's pearls, but when a fashionable person sees the potential in it, it works:-) -M