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Everlane Straight Leg Crop Pants vs Wide Leg Crop Pants vs Organic Wide Leg Pants

I’ve been a fan of Everlane’s Wide Leg Crop Pants for awhile so I decided to try out the Everlane Straight Leg Crop Pants in this latest outfit post!

*Updated Sept 2022. Since I’ve written this post, Everlane has discontinued their Wide Leg Crop Pants and now sells a newly released Organic Wide Leg Pant. I’ve updated this review with photos of that style as well!

Los Angeles Fashion Blogger wearing Everlane Straight Leg Pants, Everlane Day Gloves, and Zara Sweater
Floral Zara Knit Sweater with Everlane Pants
Everlane Outfit with Day Gloves and Straight Leg Pants
Everlane Straight Leg Crop Pants and Zara Floral Knit
Zara Knit Sweater with Floral Applique

Outfit Details:
Zara Sweater
Everlane Pants in Tall/Long (now only available in Short + Reg Lengths)
Everlane Day Gloves

Everlane Wide Leg Crop Pants versus Straight Leg Crop Pants

Side by Side Everlane Straight Leg Crop Pants and Wide Leg Crop PantsStraight Leg Crop Pants (Tall Length) on Left, Wide Leg Crop Pants (Regular Length) on Right

Fit and Fabric

Obviously, the leg width between the two styles is different. The Straight Leg Crop pants are definitely more slim but not too slim. Other than that, they feel really similar to the wide leg styles. The waist and inseam measurements are the same. They are both high rise. The material is still a thick cotton twill with a slight stretch. Even though the material feels sturdy, it does have a soft, lived in feel.

& Other Stories Yellow Silk Shirt with White Wide Leg Pants and Croc Embossed Accessories

Wide Leg Crop Pants (Regular Length) – Full Post

Inseam Lengths

It’s harder to tell from the collage photo but the Wide Leg version is a pretty wide pant leg. I find it very comfortable and flattering on me but it is a lot of fabric for someone who is petite. I’m wearing the Regular Length in the Wide Leg Crop (26.5 inch inseam) and a Tall Length in the Straight Leg Crop (28.5 inch inseam). They do look similar in length in the photos but the Straight Leg crop pants are longer. It’s just a personal preference for me – with the wide leg style I don’t mind a shorter cut. For the straighter leg I felt like the regular length would look too short.

The Straight Leg Crop Pants are now only available in Regular with a few Short lengths left!

How to Style Wide and Straight Leg Pants

I’ve styled these pants in a ton of different ways. With button down shirts, t-shirts, blazers and sweaters. I would style the straight leg crop pants and the wide leg crop pants in the same ways. You can see multiple posts where I’ve worn the wide leg styles! How to Style Wide Leg PantsWide Leg Crop Pants with Sweater (Full Post)

How to Style Wide Leg PantsWide Leg Chino Crop Pants (Full Post)

How to Style Everlane Straight Leg Crop PantsStraight Leg Crop Pants with Everlane Cardigan

You can also search ‘wide leg pants’ on my blog to see all the different posts where I’ve styled my wide leg pants. I just got my straight leg pants so there aren’t many posts featuring them yet but I’m sure there will be more in the future!

I like both the straight leg and wide leg styles but I do still prefer the wide leg. I just prefer the silhouette it creates with my frame. But I know the wide leg style isn’t for everyone. If it’s a little too much for you the straight leg version is a good option!

The NEW Organic Wide Leg Pant

Everlane just released an updated Wide Leg Pant style to replace the Wide Leg Crop Pants. This style is 100% organic cotton and a has a longer inseam (28.5″). So this length is the same length as the Straight Leg Crop Pant that I featured above. Overall, these pants have the same feel as the old Wide Leg Crop Pants and Straight Leg Pants. However, I’m wearing a larger size now since I gained some weight (size 6 instead of 4). And the new Wide Leg Pants seem to have more room in the crotch so the inseam appears longer – these hit right at my ankles instead of above. You can read a more detailed review of the Organic Wide Leg Pants in this post!

Everlane Wide Leg Pants Outfit

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