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Everlane Perform Bike Short Review

Bike shorts have been a trend for awhile now and don’t look like they are going anywhere soon! Once just reserved for workouts, bike shorts can now be seen out-on-the-town styled with blazers and heels! To be honest, I actually didn’t own a pair of bike shorts before I got the Perform Bike Shorts. But if there’s one brand that can get me to try out a trend, it’s Everlane!

Everlane released the Perform Legging first and I actually have two pairs of those and LOVE them. You can read the full Everlane Perform Legging review here. The Perform Leggings are lightweight but it’s always nice to have a shorter version for hot summer days. So when Everlane came out with the Perform Bike Shorts in the beautiful copper shade I jumped on them!

Everlane The Perform Bike Shorts review

Everlane Perform Bike Short Review

The Perform Bike Short is just a shorter version of the Perform Legging. It’s made of “premium performance fabric” from an Italian Mil and composed of 58% recycled nylon and 42% elastane. They have a high waist, minimal seams, and light compression. There is a small inside pocket in the waistband where you can fit cards and keys.

They feel pretty much the same to me as the Perform Legging! Obviously, they are shorter but the fit and style seems exactly the same. I’m 5′ 8″ and the bike shorts are 8″ long. I do wish they were a little longer on me. I’m wearing a size Medium in the bike shorts which is the same as the leggings. I would suggest sizing up in the leggings and the bike shorts if you don’t want a super tight fit. I’m wearing the copper colored pair (although they look more rose in these photos). But it is more of a mustardy-brown shade in real life.

My only complaint is that I feel like they ride up on my crotch a little (sorry for the visual…haha). I don’t notice that problem with the leggings but maybe the shorter length causes they to ride up a little.

How to style bike shorts, Everlane Perform Bike Shorts with Sneakers

How to Style Bike Shorts

I know that some people like to dress up their bike shorts with blazers and heels but I still prefer to wear them more casually. So far I’ve mainly just worn them around the house and out to one errand. I like to style mine with an oversized shirt and sneakers or flats. In this look I’m wearing the Everlane Silky Cotton Oversized Shirt and the Everlane Trainers. I prefer the long shirts because they cover my bum and that makes me feel less exposed while I’m wearing tight shorts.

Sadly, it looks like the Everlane Bike Shorts are almost sold out. I’m hoping they restock soon or come out with new colors.

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