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Everlane Day Glove Review

Los Angeles Blogger wearing Uniqlo Wide Leg Linen Pants, Sezane Top and Sezane Gingham Tank with Uniqlo Tie Waist pants and Transparent Bag from Shop Girl LaReview of the Everlane Day Glove Flats as worn by Style Blogger Jeans and a TeacupComfortable Leather Flats by Everlane on Los Angeles BloggerUniqlo Wide Leg Linen Cotten Pants, Black Flats and Red Gingham TankEverlane Shoe Review

You guys know I’m obsessed with Everlane, so when they asked me to be a part of The Day Glove launch I did a little happy dance. The Day Glove is supposed to fit like a glove and be so comfortable you can wear them #AllDamnDay. But do they live up to the hype?

The answer is YES. I wore these babies straight out of the box all day and didn’t get one blister. That’s usually not the case with new shoes. They are super lightweight and it doesn’t really feel like you are wearing anything on your feet. The leather is super soft and flexible and molds to your feet over time (just like a glove – get it?!). I usually have a problem with my foot slipping out of shoes because my feet are narrow. But because of the high vamp (that refers to the top of the shoe and how much of your foot it covers) I feel like it says on my foot a lot better and I didn’t have any problems with slippage. But I’ve heard that they work equally well for wide feet because the leather is so flexible. I’m either a size 8 1/2 or 9 and I’m wearing the size 9. I think I could have gone with the 8 1/2 because i do have a lot of room in the toe area and these are supposed to have a tighter fit. But, like I said, my foot isn’t slipping out so I don’t have a problem with the extra room. I also like the type of leather used for this shoe. It looks like a slightly pebbled leather and should be easy to just wipe clean. I don’t think you’ll have to worry about wearing them in wet weather either.

The only problems I’ve had so far is my toenail has worn through part of the shoe already. But I think this is just a problem specific to me and my weird toes…haha. Apparently, I have a super sharp toenail and if I don’t keep them trimmed very short they start to cut through my shoes. And with the leather on these shoes being soft and thin, I’m worried that my crazy toe might break through the leather eventually. But only time will tell I guess! I will probably reinforce the toe area just to be on the safe side. The Day Glove has a rubber, cushioned insole but it’s not super thick. So if you like extra support these might be too thin for you. I haven’t had a problem with it though, I still think they are very comfortable to walk around in all day. The price point is the last concern I have. They are slightly over $100 which might be an issue for some people. But Everlane is transparent with their prices so they let you know how much they cost to make so you can decide for yourself if it’s a reasonable price. They are made in ethical factories with real Italian leather so the quality is great.


  • soft, flexible leather that molds to your foot
  • no breaking in required
  • works well for narrow and wide feet
  • leather is easily cleaned


  • thin leather – might be an issue with holding up over time?
  • thin insole – if you need more support, these might not work for you
  • over $100 price point

So, in summation, if you are a fan of Everlane or you are looking for a really comfortable pair of basic flats, The Day Glove is for you. They just launched today and a lot of sizes are selling out already. It still looks like you can be put on the waitlist for a restock that’s happening on May 25th. But if your size and favorite color is available now I wouldn’t wait! Restocks are never guaranteed! I went with black because I don’t have a basic black flat in my closet. But I REALLY love the white…and it’s still available in all sizes!

Outfit Details:
Sezane Tank
Uniqlo Pants
Shop Girl LA Bag
Everlane Day Glove c/o
Cloverpost Necklace
Ray-ban Sunglasses

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  1. These shoes look so comfy and the leather soft! I like that the front has high coverage to prevent your feet from slipping. I have had shoes like those and it made wearing them no fun at all. Love your outfit here and those olive pants are beautiful!

    Maureen | http://www.littlemisscasual.com