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Ethical Fashion Brand DÔEN: Non-Maternity and Maternity Styles

Pregnant Los Angeles Blogger wearing ethical fashion brand DoenManu Atelier Ladybird Micro Bag with Doen DressPregnant Ethical Fashion Blogger wearing Doen, Everlane, and Manu AtelierEthical Clothing Maternity Brand Doen

Is this my first outfit post since becoming pregnant?? And I’m already over half way through this pregnancy but just starting to get my act together. It’s been a rough one!

Anyway…I took these photos a couple weeks ago when I was around 20/21 weeks pregnant. At this point I definitely have a bump, although it’s hard to see in these photos. I do have some maternity pieces from my last pregnancy that I’m wearing but I’m always on the hunt for great non-maternity pieces that work for pregnancy too. I’m not against maternity clothes, I just feel like non-maternity is more versatile because I can still wear it when I’m not pregnant. BUT my goal is not to squeeze into non-maternity pieces that look awkward. I want the non-maternity pieces to actually fit well and be comfortable! Oh, and it’s a plus if it’s an ethical fashion brand!

Outfit Details:

Doen Dress
Everlane Shoes (comes in sooo many colors!)
Manu Atelier Bag c/o Shopbop

Ethical Fashion Brand DÔEN

That’s where DÔEN comes in! It’s a relatively new-to-me brand that was founded in 2015 by two California women. It’s a women owned and operated company that’s committed to sustainability and ethical production. You can read more about DÔEN’s mission here!

The only downside is that the price point is a little high. However, these pieces are ethically made so you can expect to have to spend more on quality pieces like these. The idea is to spend more on fewer pieces that will last a long time. Quality over quantity!

DÔEN pieces are also made in limited quantities. So if you see something you like – snatch it up! That might mean you have to get up at 6am PST when they drop a new collection in order to get the piece you want! During the last drop, I got up at 8am to try to buy a specific dress and the pre-sale had already sold out!! DÔEN fans are serious, y’all!

DÔEN Store in Brentwood

DÔEN just opened their first storefront in the Brentwood Country Mart this summer! If you haven’t been to Brentwood you need to check it out ASAP! There are so many cute stores and eateries. The Country Mart is a really quaint collection of higher end shops and food court. It’s really charming! I stopped by for the first time to check out the DÔEN shop but there’s a lot of other places to see as well.

Doen store in the Brentwood Country Mart

And the DÔEN shop didn’t disappoint. It’s small, so there is a limited selection of items. But it’s great to try on a few styles to get a feel for the sizing and fabrics. I even found pieces to try on and I was pregnant! I LOVED all three styles but

DÔEN Dress Try On

Doen dress that works for pregnancy

Mariposa Dress size Small

As you can see above, this is the dress that I went with! I loved that it had a TON of extra room so it will work for when I’m in my 3rd Trimester. But because it has a tie waist, I can wear it when I’m not pregnant and it will still look great! This dress is very forgiving size-wise. I could have fit in an XS but it was a little tight in the chest due to my pregnancy boobs. But the small size will still look fine even if I get smaller after I have the baby.

The best non-maternity dresses for pregnancy

Anusha Dress Size Small

I felt ‘Little House on the Prairie Chic’ in this dress! I loved it but I felt like the chest was a little tight but I felt the next size up would be too big. When I’m not pregnant the size small would definitely fit perfectly.

Ethical dress for pregnancy from Doen

I felt like a Jane Austen character in this dress! I LOVED it! However, this is the size medium and it was big in my shoulders/chest. I felt that if I sized down to a small then it would be too tight when my bump got bigger. But I’d love this style for when I’m not pregnant!

I can’t find this exact style online anymore but I LOVE the Olive Dress which is also pregnancy friendly. I really really want this dress but I think it’s not as practical for me right now since it’s made of silk and I have a 2 year old…haha.

DÔEN even has a section online with pregnancy and breastfeeding friendly styles!

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