Elevated Boy’s Bedroom Design

Our boys’ room was one of the first rooms that we fixed up because our two boys needed a nice, safe space to sleep! You can see our initial boy’s bedroom design in this post! I just used all of the furniture and decor from our nursery in our old apartment and just added a twin bed for our oldest boy. However, I’ve been itching to give it a bigger upgrade and make it more grown up. So I put together and Elevated Boy’s Bedroom design that hopefully I’ll be able to implement in the near future!

Elevated Boy’s Bedroom Design

Elevated Boy's Bedroom Design

Hygge and West Piedmont Wallpaper

I’ve been itching to upgrade the boys’ room after I saw the Piedmont Hygge and West wallpaper in another boy’s room. I think it looks whimsical but also elegant. It’s a wallpaper that will work for when they are young kids and when they get a little older. It also has some nice details and neutral tones that make it a very versatile wallpaper to decorate around.

The only problem is…it’s a bit expensive. So I’m planning on just doing an accent wall to hopefully cut down on the cost! Or I could add chair rail beadboard around the whole room with wallpaper above.

Vintage Furniture

Right now we have a dresser from Babyletto that matches the crib/daybed that my toddler still uses. But I would love to upgrade to a beautiful vintage wood dresser. I’ll probably end up finding one at a thrift store or on FB Marketplace. But if you would rather buy new, this vintage inspired dresser is very cute!

My oldest son has a very basic black wood bed frame that I got for $40 at the thrift store. I would love to upgrade it to a Jenny Lind style bed. I see them pop up occasionally on FB but I did find this Jenny Lind inspired twin bed online for a decent price.

Neutral Rug and Curtains

When I saw these affordable curtains at Target I knew they would be perfect for the boy’s room! They are neutral enough to go with tons of decor style but they also have a nice texture and cute windowpane pattern. They would honestly look good in any room in the house! I actually have these curtains now and plan to hang them on this French Cafe Rod to help block out light. You can hang these curtains with the rod pocket or with clip rings so I think I’m going to try the rings.

I would also like to have bamboo shades behind the curtains (since the curtains still let in a little light). I also think the texture of the bamboo shades will look nice in the room. All of the windows in our house needed custom blinds because they aren’t standard sizes. So I’ve been ordering my shades from Select Blinds and I love the quality and the price. So most likely I will order these shades for the one window in the room.

I recently saw this diamond pattern jute rug and thought it would look amazing in the boys’ room as well. I’m not sure how soft it is but I’m hoping that it is nice in person! Again, it’s neutral so it will work with any decor style but the diamond pattern helps add more interest to the entire room.


I just ordered this green quilted comforter and sham from Target. I’m not trying to spend a lot of money on bedding for the boys right now because they will probably spill drinks and food on it…lol. But I loved the green color because I think it ties in with the woodland theme of the wallpaper. I also ordered these grey plaid sheets. It kind of gives me a camping vibe which goes with the woodland wallpaper as well.


I already have this ABC mat from Gathre that I’d love to hand on the wall with these wooden magnetic hangers. I also thought this Boyhood banner from Imani Collective was a cute touch! And of course, this fox stuffed animal is so cute and goes perfectly with the room!

I have a few other pictures to hand on the wall and some honeycomb wooden shelves. But other than that the room will be filled with lots of kids toys and stuffed animals! I know my room collage is very neutral and doesn’t look too much like a little kids room – but that’s because I know it will be filled with lots of colorful toys and stuffed animals! So once all of their stuff is in there it will look very much like a kids room…lol.

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I can’t wait to put this elevated boy’s bedroom together!

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