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Everlane Silk Shirt, Minimal Style Blogger
Street Sandal, Casual Minimalist Outfit, Black and White Minimal Style
Everlane SIlk Shirt, COS Pants, Everlane Street Sandal, Minimalist Style
Grey Silk Shirt, Everlane, JINS eyewear, COS Tie Waist Pants

I feel like I’ve said it a thousand times already but I’ve been really drawn to minimalist styles lately. I’ll admit – sometimes I don’t want to put a lot of thought into what I’m wearing and I just want to be comfortable! Well, minimalist dressing accomplishes both of those things! I’m only wearing four items and somehow it still looks chic and put together. I’m not even wearing any jewelry!

And of course, Everlane is my favorite place to find minimalist styles. This square cut silk top is one of my favorites (I have it in black too!). This summer Everlane has come out with a lot of square cut tops which I love. At first I was hesitant to try this style because I thought the boxy cut would be unflattering. But I think the oversized shape makes this outfit more interesting. Below are the Everlane square shirt styles in poplin, linen and silk!

Outfit Details:
Everlane Square Silk Shirt
COS Tie Waist Pants
Everlane Street Sandal
JINS sunglasses c/o

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  1. Ok my eyes are doing that cartoon thing where I have little hearts jumping out of my sockets. If that makes sense. Anyway, this is gorgeous! I’ve been waiting so long to hop aboard the beautiful Everlane train and you might just send me over the edge- that top is gorgeous! Do you find it to be particularly opaque? I’m always concerned over that with white tops!


    1. Aww…thank you! I absolutely love Everlane so I think you should try them out 😉 The silk is pretty thick on this shirt so I don’t think it’s see through. But if I was wearing a dark bra you’d probably be able to see it. It’s hard to tell from these photos but the top is actually a light grey so that might help with the opaque-ness. Hope this helps!