DIY leather wrap necklace

If you haven’t noticed, leather wrap necklaces are popular right now. Most likely due to the 70’s trend that’s decided to stick around. When I first think of chokers I’m definitely taken back to my middle school days when I wore these babies! Luckily, the choker I’m showing you today is more delicate and minimal – definitely more my style!

leather wrap lariat neckalce(photos via Adornmonde – no longer available)

When I saw this leather wrap lariat choker on some popular fashion bloggers I fell in love – until I saw the price! At almost $60 I decided that I could make it for a fraction of the cost!

DIY leather choker lariat necklace

DIY wrap necklace tools


I got my leather chord in packs from Hobby Lobby. If you can find a place that sells cord by the yard you can get exactly what you need without having lots of cord left over. It will also make it cheaper!

I liked the delicate look of the 1mm leather. But you could totally get thicker cord if you like that better.

DIY leather necklace


  1. Cut desired length of leather. Mine ended up being about 61″ long. But you can make yours longer or shorter depending on your preference.
  2. Straighten leather cord. Mine had been wrapped in a spool and had a lot of kinks in it. So I decided to run an iron on low heat over the chord to straighten it out. I didn’t iron directly on the leather – I put an old, thin cotton t-shirt over top while I ironed it.
  3. Glue. Put a little superglue on the ends of the leather cord and slide bead on. It should harden pretty much right away so be careful!
  4. Clamp. This is an optional step but If you are afraid the glue didn’t take (or your bead it too big and doesn’t stay on) you can clamp the ends of the bead onto the leather cord with the pliers.

DIY leather wrap necklace

Then all you have to do is wrap it twice around your neck, tie a little bow and you’re DONE! The total cost for me was around $5.50. And I had enough material to make 2 necklaces. So really the necklace was less than $3. That’s a big improvement over $56!

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