Diary of a Boutique Owner + Giveaway!

Ever wonder what it’s like to start your own online jewelry boutique? Quynh, the founder of Bee Whimsy, gives us a peak inside what it was like to go from registered nurse to jewelry designer! And she’s also generous enough to giveaway two pieces from her limited edition summer line!


*” Learn to invest in the best quality you can afford and wear pieces in

different ways.” Michael Kors*
*Diary of The Beginner Little Bee*
*Dec 2012:* Fashion 911 crisis! Having my struggles to find appropriate jewelry pieces to complement my lovely embellished silk-crepe gown for a celebration event in less than 48h. I have tried to settle for Forever 21 in desperation: tacky results was not flying high. Bloomingdale’s jewelry corner is fully packed of pricier options that was a big visual temptation and potentially bank account damaging. How can there not be something in between? Has quality-made pieces become unreachable and forcing the mass to settle for acceptable and disposable jewelry trend?
Hubby not happy with my grouchy level and pushed me to craft my own. “If you can knit and crochet your own Vogue Knitting clothes, then you can do this!”. After some moaning and groaning, I decided to give in. So after a decade of doing nursing for a living, here I am embracing the fact that I was born with glitter in my veins and that I should take steps to showcase my giant passion for fashion. I need to launch a jewelry line that will make women look like goddesses with a variety of original and surprisingly affordable accessories.

First complete ear candies created in the Sparkling Lab
*Feb 2014:* Yay! The online jewelry store is up and fully functional! Can I tell you it feels as giving birth to a baby? This project took just as long as all the trimesters combined with not as many side effects as having a bun in the oven. My first collection is GORGEOUS! I am so proud!!! Bold and youthful, my exquisite confections will lend the perfect flair to any outfit. I am glad to offer shoppers a variety of glitzy touches that combines taste, quality and big-city sophistication. Because having a statement accessories at a steal price is a splurge we all deserve!
Spring Summer 2013 Bee Whimsy earrings collection
*May 19 2014*: OMG! OMG! OMG! I just got the opportunity to become a sponsor for Miss California 2014 on her road to Miss USA due June 8th. I guess I am somewhat on the right track! Oh, but wait, what pieces do I send? What does Cassandra like? I don’t even know her style! Just don’t screw up! (wish me luck!)

As Seen On Miss California USA Pageant Website
*May 29 2014:* **instagram alert: @cassandra_kunze mentioned you in a post*
*AAAAHHH!!!! Miss California is wearing my earrings and she is posting a pic on instagram! Okay, the earrings are very hard to see from distance, but she did give me a shout out! This is my proudest fashion design moment EVER!
Our proudest fashion accomplishment so far!
*May 30 2014*: **happy dance moves** Guess I am now also going to send some pieces out to Miss Teen California 2014 on her road to compete for Miss Teen USA 2014. Back to the Sparkling Lab and make some more sparkling indulgences!
Made the cut on the Prize Package: it pays to win a pageant contest in California!

Quirky facts about the designer:
1) Your business is a cocktail. Which one is it? And WHY?
I don’t drink. Moet champagne is the most I can do: bubbly, fun, associated
with celebration events and sparkling. Hard to miss bottle too due to its
distinctive color and shape!
2) Your business is a major international city. Which one is it? And WHY?
New York. If you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere in the
3) Your business is a song. Which one is it? And WHY?
Fur Elise by Beethoven. The song is perhaps one of the most well-known
piece of music in the world.
4) Your business is an animal. Which one is it? And WHY?
A dog. Loyal and friendly, a dog can be adapted into multiple human aspect
of life.
5) Your business is getting dressed in the morning. What does it put on?
And WHY?
A smile. Because it is the prettiest thing that anyone can wear, doesn’t
cost anything and that will never go out of style.
Bee Whimsy is generous enough to giveaway these GORGEOUS earrings and ring to ONE lucky winner! These jewels are a part of the Limited Edition and Custom Made from the 100 Days of Summer Kit!  The ring is a size 5 (16mm) and can be worn above the knuckle or as a regular ring. The total retail value of these pieces is $48! Enter using the Rafflecoptor widget below.  OPEN INTERNATIONALLY!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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