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Cuyana System Tote Review: The Best Laptop Bag for Work

Cuyana bags have been on my wish list for awhile now so I was thrilled when they asked me to review their popular System Tote on YouTube! I love styling this bag so much that I decided to share more in a blog post. Keep reading my Cuyana System Tote Review to find out why I think this is the best laptop bag for work.

Cuyana System Tote Review

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Cuyana System Tote Review

About Cuyana

Cuyana was launched in 2013 by Karla Gallardo and co-founder Shilpa Shah with the aim of creating “timeless essentials for the modern wardrobe”. Cuyana’s motto is “fewer, better” which means that they focus on fewer collections consisting of timeless designs made from high quality and sustainable materials. Cuyana means “to love” in Quechua (the native language of Ecuador which is where Karla grew up).

System Tote Laptop Bag

The first step in picking out a System Tote is choosing the size and color. The System Tote comes in 3 sizes – mini, 13″, and 16″. I decided to go with the 13″ because I have a 13″ Macbook Air. There are several core neutral shades to choose from and I decided to pick Dark Olive because I don’t have any tote bags in that color! Finally, you can choose to add accessories (in whatever colors you want) to the System Tote.

The 13″ System Tote works for me because I prefer slightly smaller tote bags. I also don’t feel like I need to carry a whole lot. On a daily basis I’m carrying around my laptop, wallet, keys, phone, small makeup bag, planner, and water bottle. The 13″ definitely fits all of those things with room for more! Scroll down to the bottom of this post to see my YouTube review!

Sezane plaid mini skirt with silk Chloe blouse and Thigh High Boots

Fully Customizable Work Bag

The reason I think the System Tote is the best laptop bag for work is that the add-on pouches and accessories make it very customizable to whatever stage of life you are in. The System Tote features a built-in snap system which allows you to securely add pouches and accessories. There are adjustable bag straps, different sized pouches, inserts, and more to choose from!

Shop Accessories + Add-Ons

The other cool thing about the accessories is that you are able to use them separately from the System Tote. For example, you can snap the System Flap Bag into the System Tote as an extra organizational section. OR you can use it as a separate clutch or bag by adding the Adjustable Strap. Any of the other System Pouches can be used in other bags since they are beautiful on their own as well!

The best laptop bag for work from Cuyana
System Laptop Sleeve

Since I need a bag for work my first add-on was the 13″ System Laptop Sleeve. You can definitely carry your laptop in the System Bag without the sleeve but it does help to keep the bag more organized and your laptop secure. You don’t have to worry about the laptop sleeve slipping out of the bag due to the snaps. It also creates a nice separation in the bag and prevents the laptop from moving around too much. You can attach the Laptop Sleeve by using snaps to attach it to the side snaps on the bag. (The 13″ Laptop Sleeve will attach to both the 13″ and 16″ System Tote).

My 13″ Macbook Air fits into the 13″ Laptop Sleeve very snugly. I’m assuming a regular 13″ laptop would fit as well. But if you don’t want it to be so snug you could definitely fit a 13″ laptop into the 16″ sleeve (just make sure you get the 16″ System Tote!).

Cuyana System Tote Review 13" laptop bag

Cuyana YouTube Review

You can see exactly what’s in my Cuyana Tote and how the snap system works in this YouTube review! I also share more details about the bag and the accessories I would add to my system next!

Where to Buy Cuyana

In addition to selling products on their website, Cuyana does have brick-and-mortar stores located across the US. There are several stores in California, one in New York, and one in Boston. A few select bags can also be found at Nordstrom!

Cuyana also has a resell program called Cuyana Revive through their site that allows customers to sell their preloved Cuyana pieces. That means that you can score some gently used Cuyana pieces at a discount!

Sezane Chloe Blouse, Peter Skirt, Anaelle Thigh High Boots, and Cuyana System Tote

Are Cuyana Bags Worth It?

Due to the timeless design of their bags, functionality, and leather quality I think Cuyana bags are definitely worth it – especially if you are looking to buy from a brand that consciously makes their products. I am impressed by the thickness and finish of the leather. Cuyana sources their leather from tanneries in Italy and Argentina and are certified by the Leather Working Group (LWG). It does feel like a bag that will hold up really well over time.

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  1. I love Cuyana – their leather goods and their clothes. Everything is.made beautifully and people who know Cuiyana recognize their clothes or bags when I wear them. My only complaint is that the tote bags (not the mini size) with the tote system can be rather heavy. My first Cuyana tote I got with an organizer…sadly, the two together (with my ipad) are too heavy for me to carry any distance. Without the ipad, it’s much better. I have to say that the bags last and look good for years! The colors are great. I actually have one bag in both black and ecru. It is so cute that my daughters commented on why did I buy the same bag. My answer is that I like it so much, I like carrying it year round”!!

    1. I’m glad you love Cuyana too! Yes, I have noticed that my bag gets really heavy when I add everything. I’m going to try the thick crossybody strap to see if that makes it easier to carry. But I do understand buying the same tote in a different color…they are so good!