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Cute Doen Dresses and Tops for Spring: In Store Try-On

In my recent trip to Los Angeles I stopped by the Brentwood Country Mart to try on some cute Doen dresses and tops for spring! I buy most of my clothes online but I still love going into a physical store to try things on in person. I’m always surprised by what I pick out in-store versus online!

Cute Doen Dresses and Tops for Spring

Doen Brentwood Country Mart

First of all, if you haven’t been to the Brentwood Country Mart you need to stop by ASAP. It’s definitely a bougie LA shopping experience with stores like Goop, Jenni Kayne, and Doen in the mix. So if you want to pretend you are an LA-elite for the day and maybe see a celebrity or two – this is the place to be.

Anyway, the Doen shop is small but so cute. And like I mentioned above, it’s nice to be able to try things on in person. Seeing the fabrics, colors, and designs in person always helps me make better decisions when picking out clothes.

Doen Spring Dresses

I have a lot of dresses and Doen dresses are among my favorite. The details and fabrics are just so beautiful. I have a mini collection of Doen dresses already so you can check out my reviews of popular Doen dresses including the Kaira, Bijou, and Allene styles.

Clarinet Dress

I actually chose this dress to try on because it was called the Clarinet Dress and I play the clarinet…haha. But then I put it on and I was stunned. The mini ruffles, silk front bow, and square neckline made me feel like a princess! I also really like the orangerie floral print. The fabric is also a really soft cotton/viscose blend.

I originally tried on the size XS (seen below) and it fit. But it felt a little tight around my armpits so I decided to try the size small which ended up feeling more comfortable. So I would say this dress runs TTS – I took my usual size small.

Cute Doen Dresses, Clarinet Dress Review

I was a little unsure of the pale cream shade of the dress against my skin. It’s not the most flattering color on my but I still think I can pull it off. I didn’t end up getting it in store because it was more than I wanted to spend. But it’s on my wishlist FOR SURE. I’m hoping I can get it on sale at some point.

P.S. This print also comes in a mini dress version which I’m tempted to try because it’s a little less expensive…lol.

Quinn Dress

It looks like the Quinn Dress sold out but it’s being restocked this summer. I can see why it is popular – it’s an easy dress to wear that is not too fancy and not too casual. Gingham is also an essential print for spring/summer. It’s made from 100% cotton voile which is light and breezy. The good news is – you don’t have to wait for the restock if you can yourself to a Doen store!

Doen Quinn Dress review | Cute Doen Dresses

I’m wearing the size small and would say it runs TTS. the neckline has an adjustable tie so you can make it more or less revealing. I really wanted to get this dress too. It also happens to be less expensive than the Clarinet Dress which is a plus.

Doen Spring Tops

Traveler Top

Even though I loved the dresses I was actually on the search for more tops. So I decided to try the Traveler Top in the same cute gingham print. I really loved all of the details on this top – the grossgrain ribbon tie, the petite ruffles, and the mother-of-pearl buttons down the front.

Doen Spring Tops, Traveler Top in gingham

I’m wearing the size XS in the photo above but I ended up switching to a size small. The waist is not elasticized so it felt a bit snug on me. Size small is my usual size anyway so that seems right. the grossgrain tie is adjustable though so you can make the underarm area a little tighter or looser. This is the top I ended up coming home with because it seemed very versatile (and it happened to match my outfit perfectly!).

Aldora Top

I did almost go home with the Aldora Top though because the details were gorgeous as well. I love the scallop trim, pintucks on the back, and the delicate waist tie. It’s made from a cotton voile which gives it a barely-there feeling.

Aldora top sleeveless black blouse

I’m wearing the XS in the above photo and I think that is the size I’d go with for me. The top does have a lower v-neck so I think the size small would be too low for me. I also didn’t want the underarm area to be too low either. This top is a bit more revealing so I felt more covered with the smaller size.

I hope you enjoyed this mini-try on of cute Doen dresses and tops for spring from the Brentwood Country Mart! See more Doen Dress Reviews here:

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  1. Hi Jessica! Such gorgeous pieces! How did you find the Clarinet dress to fit in the bust? I am an XS and small busted (A-B cup) so I often run into the issue of things fitting me perfectly on the lower half of my body, but being very loose in the bust — I’m wondering if sizing down would alleviate that. Thank you!

    1. Hi Cora! From what I remember, I thought the XS would work on me – it was just a little too tight under my armpits. But the bust and waist seemed to be fine. I just prefer a not-so-tight-fit. The elastic is very stretchy so that’s why I think I could fit in the XS. I would pay more attention to the bust measurement than the hip/waist. I’m wearing the XS in the picture and if you compare to the model on the website, it definitely looks tighter/more fitted on me. The size small gave me more of the fit on the model. So it all depends on how you like your dresses to fit! But it does sound like you might be able to take the smaller size if you have a petite bust. My measurements are 33-28-38, 30D if that helps!

  2. Love the Aldora top! I noticed on the web it has a waist tie; in the photo do you have it tied at the back? Just trying to get a sense of how it fits without the tie. Thanks!