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Top: Express, Skirt: ASOS, Shoes: ShoeMint, Bracelet: Express, Sunglasses, c/o Firmoo, Nails: L’Oreal Pink Me Up!, Lips: Sephora Love Test
I really love this skirt – even though it may not be the most flattering! It’s a loose pencil skirt with pleats in the hip area! Things that most people probably try to avoid! Last time I wore this skirt I paired it with a loose green blouse and I did like how it looked.  But a reader commented that a tight fitting top might be more flattering and I totally agree! I just didn’t have a top I thought would go well with this skirt.  And then I thought I’d really like to wear a crop top with this high waited midi.  So I admit that I bought this top specifically to wear with this skirt! I really don’t know if this top will go with anything else in my closet but I think it is perfect for this skirt! 
I still feel a little weird wearing crop tops and having my stomach exposed! But I think the key is to find a crop top that covers the upper chest area/cleavage and to wear a high waisted skirt that covers my belly button. That way I can rock the crop top look without feeling too exposed! As you can see, only a small sliver of my tummy is showing.
You also know an outfit is a success when strangers comment on it! I was on the sidewalk and a women in a car rolled down her window to tell me that I looked nice! Haha… She said it was nice to see someone dressed up.  Thanks lady – you made my day! 

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  1. I don't think 'flattering' always equals 'slimming', necessarily. Like, yes, the pleats on the hips might not be slimming but the hourglass shape it emphasizes really IS flattering! Especially in the 3/4 or side views!

    I like it. Very kind of minimal, but gorgeous.

  2. Oh my gosh this look is stunning on you! I think it's amazing and I also think it looked good with the green shirt! You could totally rock that shirt a million other ways too though! Maybe try it with the popular leather sweatpants and a cute leather jacket and heels or maybe a long pleated maxi skirt with heels and statement earrings and bracelets? Lovely look!


  3. You are right…most people would probably hesitate (it would definitely accentuate my most unflattering assets lol)…but girl with your figure you can pull off anything!! And you styled this skirt perfectly with the tight fitted crop top! You will find so many ways to wear that top (trust me). I was weary about wearing it before…but skirts are your best bet:)! I love the retro glam feel of this outfit!

  4. Oh my gosh this skirt is amazing! I love how it looks on you and that top is perfect. So nice that a stranger can sometimes make your day.