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COS Top, Statement Necklace, White Jeans
COS Teal Pleated Top, Wood and Bead Statement Necklace
Wood Bead Necklace, Teal Pleated Top
History and Industry Necklace, Teal Green Top
COS stores, White Denim Jeans for Women, History and Industry
Most of the time I try to pick out items out that flatter my figure. But sometimes I’m attracted to a piece of clothing that has great shape, movement or color – even if it makes me look a little bigger than I actually am. This happens to be one of those tops. My mom would probably tell me that this top makes me look pregnant but I love the way the pleats hang off my body. I also love the bold color. And hey – it will probably still fit me when I’m pregnant so that’s one less maternity top I’ll have to buy!
This is the second item I’ve purchased from COS. They have a ton of neutral/minimalist pieces but they also have lots of great color options, which I love. This store is perfect for people like me who can’t decide what they’d like their style to be – classic/minimalist or bold/colorful. I’m definitely on the bold/colorful side today with this statement necklace from History + Industry. I love finding one-of-a-kind jewelry there when they go on sale!
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American Eagle White Jeans
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