Alltrue (CAUSEBOX) Review: Bankruptcy + Unethical Business Practices

*Updated July 2022

Allture (CAUSEBOX) Review

Since writing this review back in 2020 I’ve since learned that CAUSEBOX (now called Alltrue) has filed for bankruptcy and swindled small businesses and customers out of millions of dollars. I am disgusted with the secrecy and unethical business practices of a brand that I thought supported small businesses and ethical practices. I thought about deleting all of my posts related to Alltrue/CAUSEBOX but decided to leave them up in an effort to warn people to not subscribe to this subscription box.

You can read all about what happened to Alltrue in this article. Basically, they are continuing with business and selling more subscription boxes but aren’t going to pay the small businesses for the product that they are including in those boxes. They are also NOT sending out boxes to former customers who have already paid for annual subscriptions.

What I would suggest that you do is to check out the brands that Alltrue promoted in their previous subscription boxes and buy directly from those brands instead. It’s truly not their fault that Alltrue is in this situation and most of them will not be getting money back for the items they sent to Alltrue to include in their boxes.

Original Blog Post Below:

I try to make an effort, when I can, to support brands that have a larger mission in mind. Wether that be a brand that cares about ethical production, sustainable practices, eco-friendly packaging, or socially conscious initiatives. So when I heard about CAUSEBOX I was very intrigued.

Causebox Spring 2020 Review

A Socially Conscious Subscription Box


CAUSEBOX is a subscription box service that carefully curates products in their boxes from brands that have a “cause” and are ethically and/or sustainably made. CAUSEBOX likes to call it a “Membership that Matters” because they partner with artisans and brands that are giving back to the community and empowering women. CAUSEBOX is a Certified B Corporation which means they have to “meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability”.

How CAUSEBOX Gives Back

CAUSEBOX currently partners with over 300 artisans in India through their Artisan Direct program to create exclusive products for CAUSEBOX. They are committed to providing these artisans with lasting and sustainable employment while also providing fair wages and a safe working environment. CAUSEBOX also partners with charitable organizations each season and helps raise awareness for charitable causes. You can read more about their charitable contributions here!

How Does It Work?

When you sign up for a subscription you’ll receive a CAUSEBOX each quarter with 6-8 carefully curated items in a beautiful artist designed box that also includes an issue of their Good News Magazine which includes more information on the products and causes that CAUSEBOX supports. Each box contains items worth over $200!

The Seasonal Boxes usually sell out pretty fast. If that’s the case, CAUSEBOX will offer a “Welcome Box” for that season with a collection of similar or past items from boxes. The original Spring Box has already sold out so now they offer a Spring Welcome Box. I missed out on the Winter Box and got the Winter Welcome Box instead and I actually liked it better!

How Much Does It Cost?

There are two subscription options when you sign up: Quarterly and Annually. If you sign up Quarterly the cost is $54.95 per box and your subscription automatically renews on the first of each season (December, March, June, September). If you sign up Annually you get a slight discount per box ($49.95) but you have to pay upfront for the year which costs $199.80. Your subscription automatically renews each year.

The benefits of signing up for an Annual Subscription include a slightly lower price per box AND the ability to customize your box. Each season there are usually color choices for products and there are “Choice Products” that you get to choose. For example, you’d get to choose either a skincare option or jewelry option for your box. Quarterly members DO NOT get to customize their box so it’s more of a surprise when it comes to the items they’ll receive in their box.

Both Annual members and Quarterly members get access to CAUSEBOX’s Add-On Market which opens up at the start of every season (or quarter). Members have the ability to purchase additional items from the Add-On Market which consist of a curated selection of over 300 items at up to 70% off!

With the Quarterly membership you have the option to cancel your membership after each box and not be charged for the next box. With the Annual Membership you are only allowed to cancel after your year is up and you’ve received 4 boxes.

CAUSEBOX Spring 2020 Box Review

Causebox Spring Box

I signed up to be a Quarterly member in December so so far I’ve received the Winter 2019 Welcome Box and the Spring 2020 Box. I definitely enjoyed my first CAUSEBOX so I decided to give a second box a try!

What’s in My Box?

Pixie Mood – Zoe Crossbody Bag – $75 value

This is the “main feature” of the Spring box this year since it’s the item of the biggest retail value. It’s a vegan leather crossbody bag with a detachable strap. It’s a really nice, minimal design with a good amount of space inside. The color options are Black, Honey, or Grey and the Annual Members get the option to choose what color they’d like. I did not get to choose my color since I’m a Quarterly member but I received the Honey color in my box and I’m glad I did because that was my first choice!

This is a really pretty bag, however, I prefer genuine leather bags because I feel like they are more durable and last longer. I understand that some people prefer vegan leather because it is cruelty-free but I wish CAUSEBOX would choose bags made from more sustainable and natural materials instead of plastic.

Bentgo – Stackable Bento Box – $14.99 value

This is a fun reusable container to take on-the-go! It contains two stackable containers with lids and a set of cutlery. This Bento Box is a great alternative to using throw away plastic containers. The color options are Sunflower, Blush, and Cloud and Annual Members get to choose. I did not get to pick but I received the Blush box which I was happy about.

This is a cool idea for lunch on-the-go. However, it is plastic and I’m trying to get rid of plastic items in my kitchen. I would have preferred if this was made from glass.

Artisan Direct – Sustainable Shopping Bags – $22 Value

This set of 5 mesh and muslin bags were made by CAUSEBOX’s team of artisans in India. They are great for replacing single use plastic bags while grocery shopping. They come in different sizes and can be used for produce, grains, and other self-serve items. I was really excited for this item because I had been thinking about buying these types of bags to use for grocery shopping. Now I don’t have to!

Bentgo Stackable Bento Box, Artisan Direct Shopping Bags

Earth Harbor – Reparative Eye Cream – $34 Value

This is an all natural eye cream made from seaweed collagen, blue tansy, and plant oils to helm smooth and firm the under eye area. I tend to be really picky about the skincare products I use and I already have eye creams that I love so I’m not sure if I’ll use this product.

Cardea Auset – CALM Mood Mist – $30 Value

This is a multi-purpose mood mist that can be used as a body spray, room spray, pillow spray, and more! It’s all natural and smells like lavender! This spray smells really nice, I’m just not sure I’m really into room sprays.

(CHOICE PRODUCT) DIME Beauty – Super Eye Duo – $46 Value

This is a volumizing mascara and eyelash/brow serum that’s vegan, cruelty free, and sustainably packaged. This was a “Choice Product” meaning that Annual members got to choose from the DIME Eye Duo or the Fosterie Layered Gem Necklace. I am not an Annual member so this item was a surprise for me. I’m glad I got the Eye Duo though!

I wasn’t originally excited about this item because I get lash extensions so I don’t have a use for mascara or lash serum. But now, due to coronavirus, I can’t get my lashes done so I actually really need these products!

(CHOICE PRODUCT) Jenni Earle – Wild + Free Bandana – $30 Value

This is a 100% cotton bandana ethically made by artisans from India! This was another “Choice Product” and Annual Members could choose the Bandana or a Simple Self Daily Self-Care Planner. I was kind of indifferent about either of these products so it didn’t really matter which one I got in my box. I do love scarves though so I’m happy I got this one!

You also receive their Good New Magazine and an art postcard in the box which is printed with artwork created by an artist specifically for CAUSEBOX!

Pixie Mood Crossbody Bag, Jennie Earl Scarf, DIME Beauty, Earth Harbor, Mood Mist

My Thoughts on the Spring 2020 CAUSEBOX

I do like that the theme of this CAUSEBOX seems to be centered around self-care and sustainability. I feel like that’s perfect for the times we are in right now. However, I wasn’t as thrilled with all of the products in this box as I was with the Winter Welcome Box.

CAUSEBOX doesn’t reveal all of the box items at once. They roll them out week by week leading up to the launch of the full box. I thought that I would be able to see all the items in the box before I decided if I wanted to skip this box or not. However, the subscription automatically renews on March 1st (before they revealed all of the items) and I didn’t know that so I was locked into receiving this box even though I wasn’t sure I wanted it. I probably would have skipped this season’s box after seeing the full reveal but – Oh Well!

Other Thoughts

CAUSEBOX seems to be a smaller company so sometimes they run into logistical problems. During the Winter Box release they ran into extreme shipping delays because one of the products in the box didn’t arrive in time. This caused A LOT of frustration with customers because some had ordered their box in November and didn’t receive them until January. It also seems like their customer service wasn’t equipped to handle the influx of questions and complaints. However, that seems to be an unusual circumstance so hopefully future deliveries aren’t as delayed.

That being said, because of another unusual circumstance this season (coronavirus) the shipping times for the Spring Box were delayed again. I feel like I got my box relatively quickly but some people still haven’t gotten their box yet and are starting to get frustrated. Just be aware that if you order a box there might be some delays in shipping.

I was able to shop the Add-On Market this season and I was really impressed. There were a lot of great deals to be had from ethical brands that I was familiar with as well as brands that were new to me. I was able to pick up the PMD CLEAN for about 60% off! That’s the best deal that I’ve seen for that device.

Is It Worth It?

As a blogger, I receive A LOT of skincare and beauty items which is why I’ve never signed up for a subscription box before. However, I really fell in love with CAUSEBOX’s message and mission and I was interested in trying out more products from ethical and sustainable brands which is why I decided to try it out. Even though I wasn’t 100% in love with every product I got in this box, I still think I got my money’s worth.

I definitely think CAUSEBOX is THE subscription box to try out if you are interested in that kind of thing. I just feel like they are really intentional with the products they choose and they are doing a lot to give back to communities and empower women.

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