Brentwood Home Kids Play Couch Review

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I’m back with another Brentwood Home review! I recently reviewed the Brentwood Home Juniper Kids Mattress and loved it so much that I decided to review the Brentwood Home Kids Play Couch too!

Brentwood Home Kids Play Couch Review

Brentwood Home Kids Play Couch Review

What is a Play Couch?

The Brentwood Home Kids Play Couch is a soft foam couch for toddlers and kids comprised of 6 individual pieces that can be combined in different ways for endless amounts of fun! The couch is made up of 1 thicker base cushion, 1 thinner base cushion, 2 triangular pillows, and 2 half round bolsters. When used all together they make a really comfortable couch (as you can see above).

But there’s lots of other ways you can stack the cushions! My kids are great at coming up with new ways to use the pieces. They’ve made a variety of forts, played “The Floor is Lava” while hopping from one pillow to the next, and found different ways to lounge around on the cushions. The two base cushions also bend in half which allows you to do even more with the cushions – like stack them high or create two separate “chairs”.

What is the Play Couch Made of?

Brentwood Home is a leader in creating greener and sustainable home products. So it’s no surprise that the The Kids Play Couch is made from eco-friendly and non-toxic materials. The cushions are made with CertiPUR-US® certified foam with up to 20% BioFoam (which is a foam made from vegetable materials like corn, sunflower seeds, castor oil beans, and soybeans). The machine washable covers are made from a performance fiber called REPEVE® which is made from recycled water bottles. The Play Couch is also GREENGUARD Gold Certified and free of PFAs, flame retardants, Formaldehyde, and other harmful chemicals.

Brentwood Home eco-friendly mattress made with safe materials. Non-toxic Kids sofa with removable cushions

Is the Play Couch Worth It?

100%! We’ve had the play couch for about a month now and my boys are still loving it. It’s great for kids who like to relax with a book. Or for kids who are very active and like to jump around! Before we got the play couch my kids were always stealing my pillows and cushions to make forts or play games. Now, my boys have their own couch cushions to play with so they aren’t stealing mine! They are pretty rough with the cushions too and the couch still looks brand new.

Brentwood Home Kids Couch

I also love this couch because it looks pretty! We often have it sitting out in our living room and honestly, it still matches the decor. The Play Couch comes in 6 colors and I chose the lovely “Treehouse Green” shade. The soft, textured fabric is almost like a velvet or corduroy. This textured fabric helps the pieces to “stick” together and not move around when you stack them. And I love that if it gets dirty I can unzip the covers and throw them in the wash!

Fort made from Kids Play Couch, Best Play Couch for kids, Ecofriendly kids couch

If you have an questions about the Brentwood Home Kids Play Couch just let me know! Be sure to follow my home Instagram account – @thefamilyhomestead – for more home content and reviews!

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  1. has the foam held up over time? i read that it is not sturdy as the nugget and am wondering if it will withstand rips and tears. Mine actually just got delivered but came with two tears, so i’m weary if I should keep it or not.

    1. Yes! The cushions still look brand new after a year of use. And my kids rarely use it to just sit on…lol. They are always jumping and climbing on them! I just took the cover off the large cushion and didn’t notice any rips in the foam. I’ve never tried the Nugget so I can’t compare. But if you already have rips in yours I would probably ask for an exchange. I would think the rips would just get larger after a lot of use. I’m sorry that you got a damaged one 🙁