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Bow Tied
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Top: ASOS on sale!, Skirt: Thrifted, Shoes: ShoeMint, Bracelet: Express, Lips: Sephora Love Test
I’m stepping out of my comfort zone with this outfit! This is my first crop top! I’ve been looking for the perfect one all summer and when this one went on sale I didn’t hesitate.  I love the buttons down the back, the subtle jacquard texture and the bow front!  I don’t want to show too much of my belly so I’m only planning on wearing this top with a high waisted skirt.  This skirt wouldn’t be my first choice but it was the only one I have that worked.  I would love to wear a full floral midi with this top! 
I was planning on wearing this out to brunch with my husband but I was afraid I’d embarrass him! He usually doesn’t care what I wear but I felt like I was pushing it with this outfit! haha… So I put on a regular tank top and only wore this for outfit pictures.  I’m still trying to get enough courage to wear this “out in public”.  
It’s Friday! I’m really looking forward to this weekend. My husband has off on Monday and I took off too so we could spend some time together since I never see him during the week.  Although, my apartment is getting renovated next week and we can’t go into our apt. from 8-5 on Monday so we are going to have to think of something to do! Bad news is they are painting some of our walls ORANGE and BLACK. And I don’t have a say.  Isn’t that crazy?! Who wants to live with orange and black walls? Am I the only one that doesn’t?

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  1. What an adorable top! You should definitely wear it out it looks so good on you.
    Enjoy your time with your hubby. Crazy that you don't have a say in your paint colours, hope it turns out ok.


  2. It's cute! I actually think the crop top + high waisted skirt keeps the outfit look very classy and not at all 'showing too much'. It might not be something you want to wear to church, but I see it as totally appropriate for a date-night or brunch date with friends or your husband! I think the colors do go well together but I really like oyur idea about the longer floral skirt; play up demure and covered up on the bottom and it'll balance the strip of skin at the belly.

  3. What?! What kind of place is this where they can just come in and paint your walls ridiculous colors with our any consideration to you??

    And in regards to the crop top – you look great, if any one could work it, it's you. Next time take it out in public!

    Chic on the Cheap