August Budget: What I Bought!

This was an impulse buy.  I always browse the sale racks at Anthro looking for deals but don’t usually find any…haha.  But when I saw this dress in my size and for this price I couldn’t resist! This is my first dress from Anthropologie!

This was kind of an unexpected purchase for me.  But it was on sale and I thought the pattern and side pleats were really fun! And now I’m addicted to ASOS.

3) American Eagle Skinny Jeans – on sale $16
I should probably look at jeans as investment pieces and spend more money on them but for some reason I usually only buy jeans when they go on sale at AE.  All of my blue jeans are starting to really wear out so this was a necessary purchase.

4) Zara Linen T-Shirt – $19.90
So, I kinda only bought this to go with the white jeggings I bought.  I wanted an all white look and for some reason I got it in my head that only a linen shirt would do.  I like the semi sheer texture of the shirt against the white jeans. And this was a cheaper alternative to the linen shirts at J.Crew and Madewell! 

5) American Eagle Jeggings – on sale $29.99
White jeans have been on my summer wish list.  AE jeans seem to be the only ones that fit me for some reason.  Maybe it’s because I don’t have an a** so jeans made for teenagers work the best.  Anyway, these were on sale so I couldn’t say no!

Another item that’s been on my wishlist! It’s the perfect width and stretch.  ASOS wins again!

Not Shown:
7) Zara Cobalt Top (seen here) – on sale $14.99
Love the cobalt color and it was on sale! I needed more casual summer shirts and this one fit the bill.

8) H&M Embroidered top (seen here) – $29.99
This top reminded me of something I’d find at Anthropologie but for half the price.  It was just too pretty to pass up! 

Total: $197.28

Wow. It’s amazing how the little things add up.  Basically all of my purchases were under $30 but somehow I ended up spending $200 this month! I try to keep my budget to $150 a month which I think is a lot but somehow it goes so fast! I went a little crazy this month after trying to hold back from shopping the past couple of months because neither my husband or I were working.  But my husband got a job this month that will take him until December and I’ve been working a lot so I didn’t really watch what I was spending this month. Oops! There’s always next month! (and Labor Day sale purchases made this weekend don’t count for this month, right?!) 

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  1. I think you made some good purchases! You are going to get tons of wear out of the white jeans, I'm sure.

    Also, not entirely related, but I am having a lot of trouble reading the text in the yellow fonts like your links. I don't remember not being able to read it before… did you change it, or did my eyes suddenly get worse?

  2. Love the pencil skirt and that ASOS belt. It is amazing how quickly things add up.

    Don’t forget to stop by and link up today for my tres-chic fashion thursday link up.


  3. Those are some pretty finds!! And I have the same problem with jeans–I do see them as classics, as investments, and I know that a good pair can last forever….but I usually only buy them if they are less than $10. That's ridiculous for something so practical!