Anthropologie Wallpaper Sample Art

*Originally published in 2013 but updated for 2020!
Free DIY Anthropologie Wallpaper Art
Are you stuck at home wondering what you can do to spruce up the place without spending a lot of time or money? Well, I’ve got the DIY project for you! The hardest part about this project is waiting for the samples to come in the mail. But once they arrive it literally takes one minute to create cute artwork for your wall, table, or shelf!
Anthropologie Wallpaper Art in IKEA frames

Wallpaper Sample Art Project

I first saw this idea on Sweet Serendipity Design’s blog (which no longer exists) so I can’t take all the credit for it. It was such an easy project I couldn’t resist. Anthropologie will send you up to 10 – approx. 5″X7″ wallpaper swatches for free! Just go here*, choose a wallpaper, and click on ‘request swatches’ in the description area and you’ll get a cute little package in no time. You don’t even have to pay for shipping!
*Not all wallpaper is available as a sample but a lot are. You just have to do some searching!
Request Wallpaper Samples from Anthropologie
I put a few of my swatches in $1.99 frames I got at IKEA. So my new wall (or bookshelf) art cost about $6! Not bad! And I still have a bunch of swatches left over for my next project!
Anthropologie Wallpaper Sample and IKEA Frame

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More Free Wallpaper Samples

Check out Serene & Lily for more cute wallpaper where you can get up to 10 samples for free! And Lulu & Georgia also has fun and funky wallpaper samples available on most styles.
DIY Wall Art
I’m sure there are more ways to create wall art with these Anthropologie samples. Just use your imagination!
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  1. Wow! That is such a cute idea! I wonder if any other places that sell wallpaper would do this. Thanks for sharing! I may have to share this with my readers too. xx

    Allie @

  2. I guess Anthropologie doesn’t have free samples anymore. I just tried and they are $2 each and you can’t get samples on all of them, just certain ones. 🙁

    1. Oh that’s a bummer! I’ve noticed throughout the years that Anthro has stopped the free sample program. Maybe it’s just because of the holidays? It was working earlier this year and I ordered free samples. I would keep checking back because I’m sure they will offer free samples again!


  3. this idea went viral on tiktok a few months back and because of the increase in demand, anthro started charging for samples 🙁 $2 isn’t much though so I might just have to try this <3