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An Ethical Fashion Outfit ft. Laude the Label

Spring has sprung! When I saw the fruit trees in our backyard blossoming I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to snap some photos with my floral Laude the Label blouse. I actually purchased this tip last year but never got photos with it. So I put together and ethical fashion outfit ft. this billowy Laude the Label top!

An ethical fashion outfit ft. Laude the Label

An Ethical Fashion Outfit ft. Laude the Label

About Laude the Label

Laude the Label is a women-founded, ethical fashion brand that launched in 2014 under the name Tribe Alive. In 2020 they rebranded as Laude the Label but their mission is still the same: to design minimalist, high quality pieces out of eco-friendly materials that support and empower women. Laude the Label is a Certified B Corp and Fair Trade Federation Members. You can read more about their commitment to ethical practices and environmental responsibility here!

Laude the Label Francois Top review

Laude the Label Francoise Top

I first discovered Laude the Label last year when I fell in love with their laid back, effortless pieces. I was able to pick up this dress during a sample sale and loved it so I bought the Franciose Top in a pretty floral print (also during a sale!). Sadly, the floral print version isn’t available now but it is available in a pretty gingham print!

Oversized green floral cotton blouse with Everlane wide leg pants and day glove boots

This blouse reminds me of the Doen Jane blouse except it’s even more billowy! (You can see me style the Jane blouse in this post). The Laude the Label blouse is definitely wider and boxier with a slight difference in the design in the back. But other than that they are very similar. Both are made of a nice, soft organic cotton that makes them easy to wear in the summer months. I do find the Laude the Label top a little harder to style due to the excess fabric but I LOVE the green floral print.

You can also find Laude the Label pieces at Madewell and J.Crew!

Ethical fashion outfit ft. Laude the Label floral blouse with white wide leg pants

Everlane Wide Leg Pants + Day Glove Boots

I think these billowy tops look best with a pair of wide leg crop pants. My favorite wide leg crop pants are from Everlane. I have several of this style! Sadly, they’ve been unavailable/discontinued on Everlane’s site for awhile but I’m hoping they bring them back! They are my favorite style pants! In the meantime, you can check out Whimsy and Row’s Floral pant. I tried a pair on and they are very flattering! I also LOVE the Kamm pants (Everlane was a more affordable dupe).

Oversized floral blouse with white wide leg pants and tan ankle booties

I’m also wearing a pair of Everlane’s Day Glove boots which I think are also unavailable. I did find the Glove Boot in a textured fabric which are very similar.

I know my outfit is basically sold out but that’s what happens when you have items in your closet for awhile! While I do tend to share newer outfits on my blog, I’m always rewearing my “old” pieces as well. Part of having an ethical fashion closet is wearing what you already have over and over again!

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