All Dressed Up…with Kushyfoot!

Dress: Forever 21 (splurge), Tights: Apt. 9 via Kohls (similar), Heels: Mee Too via DSW, Belt: Forever 21, Bracelet: Express (similar),  Clutch: Express (similar), Lips: L’Oreal Pure Burgundy, Nails: Sonia Kashuk “Emerald City”, Flats: c/o Kushyfoot
All dressed up with no where to go! That’s how I feel sometimes when I go to work.  Yes, this is actually something I’d wear to work.  (I work as a background actor aka an extra in TV and movies!) This dress works perfectly when I have to be an upscale club go-er or gallery patron.  I think I wore this to be a buyer at a trunk show for some designer on a webisode! This dress was actually an impulse buy from Forever 21.  Darn that store! I saw it on the racks and thought it was cute.  I made the mistake of trying it on even though I had nowhere to wear it to at the moment! 
 Anyway, I was really excited when Lipton Publicity sent me these Kushyfoot Fleecy leopard Flats to Go® to try out!  As you can see above they are compact, foldable ballet flats that can give you relief from your heels! I have to wear heels sometimes when I’m working on set.  And I often can’t take anything with me except a small purse.  I usually bring a pair of regular flats but obviously they would not fold up and fit in my purse.  Enter Kushyfoot! These babies fit perfectly in the smallest clutch that I have!  They are perfect for when you don’t have a lot of space in your purse but still want to bring a pair of flats with you.  And how fun is the fleecy leopard print?  They are affordable and also come in a range of different colors and textures. Check out other options here!
Now since they are compact and foldable the material is very thin.  So I wouldn’t recommend wearing these for long periods of time outside.  I think they are meant to get you from one place to another to give you a break from your heels. They come in sizes 5/6, 7/8, 9/10 which means they might not fit your foot exactly but they have a built in elastic band that hugs your foot so they will not slip off! I wear a size 8 1/2 to 9 and I got a 9/10 size so the sole was a little too long for my foot but with the elastic band I had no problem!
Kushyfoot Slipper Socks in black/lavender. Also comes in rose/black!
I also got these Kushyfoot Slipper Socks! These are for indoor use when you don’t want to go barefoot but don’t feel like wearing your super fluffy slippers.  I love the little strap and bow detail! There is also an anti-skid design on the bottom which makes them perfect for hardwood floors.  So basically they are just socks.  But it is useful to have the anti skid and I think they are much cuter than my normal socks! I actually wore them when I was exercising in my apartment! I don’t like to wear sneakers but if I wear socks I slide all over the place.  So I wore these and had no problem!  You can find them here!

*I was given these products free of charge to review but the opinions are my own*

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  1. I actually think it's the best when you score on a dress or at least dressy item when you aren't looking for it. Always good to be prepared, right? You look fab. We can never have enough black dresses anyhow

    Kathleen of