A Week of Outfits Featuring “Old” Items From My Closet

During my closet clean out I rediscovered a lot of pieces in my closet that I hadn’t worn in awhile. Even though I still love these pieces, they weren’t getting the attention they deserved because there was too much other stuff cluttering my closet. So recently, I decided to dedicate a week to wearing these “old” pieces from my closet!

A Week Of Outfits

Monday: H&M “Cow” Sweater

I know I usually gravitate towards classic pieces but sometimes I’m drawn to something “funky”. That was the case with this patchwork sweater from H&M that I picked up in 2017. I like to call it my cow sweater! It’s really comfy and I love the puke green color in it.

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H&M Sweater (Find on Poshmark) :: Everlane 90’s Cheeky Jean :: Everlane Loafers

Tuesday: J.Crew Cardigan

I actually went through a lot of trouble to get this cardigan but it’s sat in my closet for quite some time. I fell in love with it because it looked similar to a Rouje cardigan but for a fraction of the price. However, it was sold out at J.Crew at the time. I did a hunt for it on google and found it second hand for a great price! Score! However, the last time I wore it was in March 2019. It was definitely time to take it out again!

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J.Crew Point Sur Cardigan (find on Poshmark) (option):: Sézane Silk Tank :: Everlane Wide Leg Pants :: Everlane Day Heels

Wednesday: Sézane Sweater

I looove my Sézane pieces but for some reason I haven’t reached for this sweater recently. But I remembered how much I love the color and the style of the knit. I definitely need to take this out more often!

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Sézane Gisele Sweater (find on Poshmark) (Similar Option):: Everlane Jeans :: Everlane Day Boots (similar)

Thursday: Rouje Cardigan

I bought this Rouje Sweater in 2019 when I was pregnant with my second baby because I loved it! I figured I could wear it open as a cardigan while I had the bump. I never ended up wearing it out so this is really the first time I wore it for a whole day.

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Everlane Blazer (similar):: Rouje Cardigan (similar option):: Everlane The Way High Jeans :: Bobbies Boots

Friday: Everlane Silk Shirt

The last time I wore this silk shirt was January 2019! I tend not to wear silk that much anymore because…baby…but I’m going to try to not let that stop me in the future. I’ve also realized that if I layer with the silk shirt there’s less surface area to get a stain on it! Everlane also offers washable silk shirt options I you are worried about stains too!

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Everlane Cardigan (similar):: Everlane Silk Shirt (similar):: Everlane Straight Leg Pants (cropped version):: Everlane Day Gloves :: History + Industry Earrings

Which look is your favorite?

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