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A Review of The Dawn Dress from Christy Dawn

Oops, I did it again. I got another Christy Dawn dress! You may remember that I recently posted my Scarlet Dress review. Well, right after I got the Scarlett Dress I picked up the famous Dawn Dress! The Dawn Dress from Christy Dawn has been on my wish list for awhile because of the classic style and variety of colors and patterns that it comes in. So when I had more ThredUp credits to cash in I chose to get a gift card to Christy Dawn to purchase the dress! (More on the ThredUp program below).

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The Dawn Dress from Christy Dawn

The Dawn Dress Review

The Dawn dress is the namesake dress of Christy Dawn. It’s the first dress that the founder, Christy, designed and is still one of their most popular dresses. The Dawn dress is a short sleeve midi dress with a wrap V-neck and drawstring waist. It comes in A TON of different colors, patterns, and materials so there’s a style for everyone.

Size and Fit

My measurements: 33-28-38, 120lbs, 5’8″, 30D

I’m wearing the size small which is my usual size in Christy Dawn. I feel like maybe I could have fit in the XS too. the drawstring waist does expand a lot so I definitely could have fit in a size XS in the waist. The question is whether I could fit an XS in the chest area. I don’t like the area around my arm pits to be super tight so I always err on the larger size with tops. But I do feel like the chest area is rather loose on this dress. Maybe if I had a larger bust/ribcage it wouldn’t gap so much.

The Dawn Dress Review

Compared with my other Christy Dawn dresses I feel like there is more wiggle room with sizing in this dress. I think it runs on the larger side so you could size down if you are in between sizes (especially if you have a smaller chest). If you are pretty busty I would probably take your usual size.

One of the reasons I like this dress is because it kind of reminds me of a wrap style dress. I don’t typically like wearing wrap dresses because I feel like they never stay closed. But there’s a snap closure on the V-neck which keeps the top from opening up too much!

The Dawn Dress Review, Christy Dawn Dress Review

The Fabric

One of the main reasons I got this dress was because I loved the Lotus Gingham print/fabric. I actually tried a different style dress in the Lotus Gingham fabric and really loved the feel. I didn’t get the dress because I didn’t think the style of the dress was the best fit for me. But then I found out it came in the Dawn Dress so I had to get it!

The Lotus Gingham is a soft organic cotton with a plaid and floral pattern woven into it. Because it’s a woven print it is very delicate on the inside weave of the fabric and prone to snagging. So this is not the print to get if you don’t want to hand wash or dry clean this dress! I LOVE the delicate colors and gingham/floral design so I was OK with it.

P.S. The Lotus Gingham print is also available in the Linden Dress and the Amber Top!

Ethically made summer dress from Christy Dawn.

But the good news is, there are A LOT of other colors/prints and even fabrics to choose from with The Dawn Dress! There are cotton gauze, organic cotton, and regeneratively grown cotton versions of this dress. It’s always a good idea to check the product description because each dress does vary slightly. For example, not all the dresses have pockets. The Lotus Gingham version does not have pockets (which is kind of a bummer) but other fabric styles do.

Short Sleeve Summer Midi Dress with woven bag from Sezane

Outfit Details: Dress || Boots || Visor || Bag

How to Get a Discount on Christy Dawn Dresses

I know Christy Dawn dresses are a little pricey. But that is because Christy Dawn dresses are made ethically by people who are paid a fair wage. I love to share this info graphic from Christy Dawn’s website because it shows you exactly why they cost so much.

Christy Dawn Dress Costs Infographic

Even though I think Christy Dawn dresses are worth the cost, there are still ways to save money and get a discount!

Wait for a Christy Dawn Sale

Christy Dawn does have sales occasionally. That’s usually when I buy dresses! Christy Dawn usually has a sale in May to celebrate the anniversary of Christy Dawn. There’s usually a sale in January to celebrate Christy’s birthday. And of course sales in during the holidays in November and December. There’s also random sales throughout the rest of the year too. So there’s definitely plenty of opportunities to get a discount! The sales are usually around 25-30% off.

If you don’t want to wait for a sale you can get 15% off with my code ’15JESSICAW’! And get an extra 5% off sale items with code ‘35JESSICAW‘.

Light gingham dress with short sleeves
Christy Dawn X thredUP

I mentioned above that I used my thredUP credits to purchase my last two Christy Dawn dresses. ThredUP partners with Christy Dawn so when you sell your gently used clothes on thredUP you can cash out your earnings through thredUP for a gift card to Christy Dawn. ThredUP will give you an extra 15% bonus so that means more money to go towards your Christy Dawn purchase! It’s a great way to get rid of fast fashion pieces you might have in your closet for an ethically made item from Christy Dawn!

Christy Dawn Rewards Program

I actually just found out about the Christy Dawn Rewards Program so I don’t know if it’s a new thing or if it’s been around for awhile. But it’s free to sign up and you get points for every purchase that add up to discounts in the future! You can also get points for leaving reviews and even just adding your birthday to your account! 100 points equals a $10 credit so that definitely adds up! I just signed up and I already have 100 points!

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I hope you found this review of The Dawn Dress from Christy Dawn helpful! If you have any questions about this dress or other Christy Dawn dresses just leave a comment. You can find my other Christy Dawn Reviews here:

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