A “Dressed Up” Casual Summer Outfit Ft. French Fashion Brands

Another day, another French Girl outfit! Last week I featured a dressier outfit featuring French Fashion brands Rouje and Sézane. Today, my outfit is a “dressed up” casual summer outfit and featuring Rouje and Sézane. It’s a great option for when you want to look dressed up but still feel comfortable and casual.

"Dressed up" casual summer outfit ft. french fashion brands Rouje and Sezane on woman standing next to a stone wall

“Dressed Up” Casual Summer Outfit ft. French Fashion Brands

Sézane Textured Knit Tank

I love wearing knits in the summer. I think it’s because they offer a nice texture and I also like the weight of a knit top. So when I saw this cute textured knit tank with the open weave design and little pom poms from Sézane I knew I had to pick it up! It definitely doesn’t feel too hot because of the open weave. The only downside is that it’s a little bulky to tuck into flowy skirts like this one. I also had to sew the straps a little shorter because I felt like it was too low on me. But now it’s perfect and I love to wear it with my skirts and jeans!

"Dressed up" casual summer outfit ft Sezane Jack Sneakers with Rouje Wrap Midi Skirt and Textured Knit Tank from Sézane

Rouje Wrap Midi Skirt

The Gloria wrap midi skirt from Rouje has been a favorite of mine for awhile. It’s similar to the bottom of the Gabin dress – it has buttons down the side which helps to keep the skirt from opening up to far when you walk or sit down. It also has an adjustable tie waist. I’m definitely want to pick up another one of these skirts because I love it so much!

Sézane Jack Sneakers

While I could wear my Sézane espadrilles with the outfit, I decided to go a little more casual with the Jack Sneakers. These are the newer Jack Sneaker design with gold eyelet hardware and thick laces. I LOVE this style. I think the thick laces are so cute and give the sneakers a more feminine vibe. But if you are looking for a “regular” white tennis shoe, Sézane also offers this style of the Jack Sneaker.

Sézane Jack Sneakers with polka dot midi skirt and textured knit tank on woman leaning on a stone wall

Sézane Willa Jacket

For days when it’s a little chilly my go-to jacket has been the Willa Jacket from Sézane. It’s a slightly stretchy, soft denim material in a light wash and I feel like it goes with anything! It is slightly boxy but I don’t mind because it’s so comfortable. I also have the Will jacket from Sézane but it feels a little stiffer because of the dark wash. The other difference between the Will and Willa jacket is the Willa jacket is slightly shorter and has extra pockets on the front – so overall it’s not a streamlined as the Will jacket.

Will jacket with casual french girl outfit on woman standing in a field

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  1. Definitely a cute summer outfit! I always love the look of summer knits, but they are so often too bulky/hot for me. Especially in the humidity. I do love the poms on this one though!