3 Ways to Tie a Silk Scarf

It’s still too warm here in California to wear chunky knit scarves so in the meantime I’ll be rockin’ my lightweight silk scarves! I’m showing you my three favorite ways to wear my silk scarves below.
The Ascot Neck Wrap
This is my favorite way to wear my scarf when I need a little extra warmth because it covers the whole neck area.
Ascot Scarf FInal
The French Twist is so classic and chic! I love to wear it this way in place of a necklace.
The French Twist
French Scarf Final
This style is a little more menswear inspired. It’s fun because you can adjust the knot higher or lower for a different look! 
The Fake Knot
Tie Scarf Final
What is your favorite way to style a silk scarf? 
P.S. I love to pick up unique and inexpensive silk scarves at thrift or vintage stores. I got this one for around $10 at Playclothes Vintage!
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