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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Flashback Fashion Fridays Link Up #2 + 4th Fashion

Striped Tee, Denim Vest, Jord Watch
Striped Tee, Navy Skirt, Denim Vest, Jord Watch
Jord Watch, Striped Tee, Denim Vest
Jord Watch, Striped Red Tee, Denim Vest
Denim Vest, Striped Tee, Navy Skirt

What?! It's almost the 4th of July? Where has the time gone? 

I'm in the country right now which means you'll probably be able to find an American flag somewhere in the vicinity. Which is perfect for when you are taking 4th of July inspired outfit pictures! I kept my look pretty basic with a red striped tee and drawstring navy skirt. The denim vest is just for fun! 

I don't have any specific plans for the holiday weekend but I know it will involve A LOT of food. Today I'll be at a buffet in the morning and then Red Lobster at night. YUM! I hope you all have a great weekend! 

Outfit Details:
Target Denim Vest (similar)
ShoeMint Sandals

Now on to Flashback Fashion Fridays! I posted this outfit on July 4th, 2014 - almost one year ago! I have to say I still do like this outfit and I should wear it again sometime soon! 
Checked Midi Skirt 2
See full post here.

I'd love for you to join me and Adri Lately and link up your flashback posts! You can include a photo in your post like we did or just a link back to an outfit from last year, month or week! 

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Flashback Fashion Friday

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

My Rocksbox Experience + A FREE Month!

I'm sure you've heard of Rocksbox by now. This subscription jewelry service has been all over instagram and the blogosphere lately. But is it worth it? I'm giving you an overview of my experience and the 5 boxes I've received so far. 

How Does It Work?

For $19 a month you get access to unlimited designer jewelry - three pieces at a time. When you sign up you get to make a wishlist of pieces you would like in your next box. (Designers include Gorjana, Kendra Scott, House of Harlow, Trina Turk, Loren Hope and more along with a few Rocksbox designed jewelry lines.) You also take a style quiz and can leave notes specifying what type of jewelry you like. For example, I said no rings or bracelets because most of the time they don't fit my scrawny fingers. Or you can say you'd specifically like to try Gorjana pieces. A Rocksbox employee will keep your requests in mind when picking out the pieces for your box and send it out to you. You can keep the pieces as long as you'd like and when you are finished you can choose to buy any of the items or send the rest (or all) of them back using the prepaid shipping label. Once the box is back at Rocksbox they will send you a new box. 


1) You get to try out a lot of jewelry and styles that you might not normally have access to.

2) You can buy the designer pieces at a discount PLUS you get $10 in Shine Spend (store credit) each month.

3) If a piece of jewelry becomes damaged after you purchase it Rocksbox will replace or refund the damaged piece up to 180 days after you purchased it. 

4) Your membership includes an insurance fee which covers jewelry that is damaged while you are using it. So you can wear your jewelry worry free!

5) For every friend you invite to join Rocksbox who signs up you get $25 in Shine Spend to use towards purchasing jewelry! 


1) You don't get to pick specific piece you want in your box. You can make requests but that doesn't mean that you'll necessarily get it. Usually a box consists of 1 or 2 piece off my wishlist and the others are pieces Rocksbox picked for me. I have had 2 boxes with all three pieces off my wishlist though. 

2) The jewelry is "used" so you aren't buying new pieces.  All pieces are inspected and sanitized before they are sent out again but you don't have any idea of how many people have been wearing it before you get it.

3) Sometimes the pieces arrive damaged. In my first box a gem had fallen out of one of the earrings. So I had to send it back and wait for a replacement to show up. But Rocksbox did give me an extra $10 in Shine Spend to use for the trouble. Another necklace arrived with a stuck clasp - but I bought it anyway!

4) There is the possibility of your box getting lost in the mail. This happened to my last box. I used the prepaid label and put it in the mail. After a week I noticed that I hadn't gotten a notification that it had made it back to Rocksbox (usually it only takes 3-4 days). So I looked up the tracking info and it wasn't even registered. I contacted Rocksbox and the Post Office and no one could find it. So after about about 3 weeks of waiting for it to show up/writing emails to Rocksbox they finally marked the box as lost. I didn't have to pay for the lost pieces and they sent me a new box. So everything worked out! I have to say Rocksbox was really nice through the whole situation and didn't blame me at all. 

Rocksbox #1 and #2

Box #1 -  I only got the earrings from my wishlist. They had a missing gem so I had to send them back. But I really liked them so I purchased them! I wasn't crazy about the bracelet because it was too big for my wrist so I didn't wear it. I liked the necklace and wore it a few times. 

Box #2 - Probably my favorite box! I wore both necklaces a lot and even got compliments from a stranger! I ended up buying the earrings because they were so versatile. I almost bought the geometric necklace because it was so cool.

(the crossed out price is retail and the second price is what you pay through Rocksbox.)
Mint Stripes 3
Perry Street Necklace $75 $60
See full outfit here.

Perry Street Earrings $55 $44 (paid $24 after using $10 Shine spend + $10 credit since it arrived broken)
See full look here.

Katydid Tee6
SLATE necklace $68 $54
See full look here.

Rocksbox #3 and #4

Box #3 - All three items were off my wishlist! I liked the earrings in the picture but not so much when I wore them. The one pair was too heavy and the other pair felt too loose - like the back would fall off. I liked the necklace the best and wore it a lot.

Box #4 - I got the lariat necklace off my wishlist but the other two were Rocksbox picks. I really liked both but the earrings were almost identical to another pair I have so I didn't wear them at all. 

Grey Leather Jacket, Rocksbox Earrings
SLATE earrings $52 $41
See full post here.

Rocksbox jewelry, Gorjana earrings, Grid Print Top
Gorjana earrings $35 $28 (paid $18 after using $10 Shine Spend)
Moon & Lola $52 $41
See full look here.

Rocksbox Earrings, J.crew Scarf
Perry Street earrings $43 $34
See full post here.

Gorjana Alma Necklace, Gorjana Lariat, Mint Linen Tee
Gorjana Alma Necklace $60 $48 (paid $13 minus $10 Shine Spend + $25 credit for a sign up)
Gorjana Lariat $70 $56 (paid $21 minus $10 Shine Spend + $25 credit for a sign up)
See full post here.

Rocksbox #5

Box #5 - All three of these pieces were on my wishlist. I loved the Gorjana necklace and I bought it. I really liked the Kendra Scott necklace too but I had asked for a different color but they sent me green instead. The earrings are really pretty but just too heavy for my ears so I never wore them. 

Kendra Scott Necklace, White Blazer, Black Romper
Kendra Scott Necklace $80 $64
See full post here.

Overall, I've had fun with the service! I've been able to buy 4 pieces of designer jewelry at a discount which is awesome! I am getting the service for free so I can review it on the blog.  I definitely like to buy pieces and wear the same items over and over so I don't know if I would pay $19 a month in order to borrow jewelry. But if you are someone who likes to switch up your jewelry and don't want to commit to buying this would be perfect for you! It's also a great way to try out different styles or designer jewelry. I probably would never have bought a Kendra Scott necklace but it was really fun to  be able to wear one for a few weeks. 

You do get $10 in Shine Spend (basically store credit) each month so technically if you buy something the subscription only costs $10 which is not bad. 

You also get $25 in store credit when you refer a friend. I've had 2 people sign up so far so that's $50 worth of credit. 

But the GREAT news is you can get a FREE month of Rocksbox with code 'jeansandateacupxoxo'. I definitely would take advantage of a free month. You can always cancel after the free month is up - although you might not want to! 

Sorry for such a wordy post! I hope it was helpful and if you have any questions let me know!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Chambray + Pom-Poms

Everlane Chambray Dress, Pom Pom Scarf
J.Crew Pom Pom Scarf, Loft Sunglasses, Everlane Dress
J.Crew Pom Pom Scarf, Everlane Dress
J.Crew Pom Pom Scarf, Jord Watch, Gorjana Jewelry
Everlane Sleevless Dress, J.Crew Pom Pom Scarf, Jord Watch
Jord Watch, J.Crew Pom Pom Scarf, Everlane Dress

My favorite summer dress this season has been this sleeveless chambray dress from Everlane. The material is sooo comfortable, it has pockets and I can eat a couple of hamburgers and no one will notice! 

This J.Crew Pom-Pom scarf has also been one of my favorites this summer. I thought it might be too much fabric when I first saw it but I couldn't resist it after it went on sale. It actually turned out to be the perfect size to keep me warm in cold air-conditioned rooms. 

Outfit Details:
Madewell Sandals (similar)
Madwell Bag (option)
History + Industry Bracelet

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Monday, June 29, 2015

Splurge vs. Steal: Black and White edition

(hover over picture and click on + for details)

There have been a few designer items I've had my eye on the past couple of weeks - and not surprisingly they are all black and white! But since I can't afford the designer prices I thought I'd look around for more budget friendly options. 

I don't think I could spend $1,850 on a handbag even if I had the money! The Forever 21 bag comes in cream and tan as well. 

A RM bag has been on my wishlist for awhile but if $130 isn't in your budget the F21 version is a great alternative.

These flats have been all the rage in the blogging world recently. But I'm not going to spend $700 of a pair of shoes that I'll end up wearing out. I would definitely go for the Topshop version.

Another blogger favorite - the J.Crew panama hat! I don't wear hats that much so I feel like I shouldn't spend $65 on one. I saw the F21 version in the store and I was really close to getting it! I think I'll have to go back!

The classic loafer updated with a pointed toe and gold heel. I love the details on the Nicholas Kirkwood version but $400 is out of my budget. The Ivanka Trump flats are really similar and for a fraction of the price! (I've also seen similar versions at F21 recently but I could't find a link)

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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Paperbag Tie Shorts

Striped Tee, Gap Tie Shorts, Stella and Dot Necklace, Jord Watch
Gap Tie Shorts, Striped Tee, Jord Watch
Striped Tee, Gap Tie Shorts, Madewell Bag
Striped Tee, Magewell Bage, Gap Tie Shorts
Paperbag Tie Shorts, Striped Tee, Jord Watch
Jord Watch, Gap Tie Shorts, Striped Tee

First I want to say thank you to everyone who stopped by Friday for our first link up! Adri and I will be hosting another Flashback Fashion Friday this week and we hope to see everyone back again!

I've had these shorts on my wishlist for a couple weeks and finally ordered them during a sale. I loved the light green color and the tie waist - perfect for casual weekend outfits. It's also a color that will go with just about anything. 

I don't know if you can tell but I'm not in California anymore! I'm visiting family for a few weeks in Pennsylvania. I forgot how much it rains here! It's really ruining my plans to take outfit photos...haha. 

Outfit Details:
Madewell Sandals (similar d'Orsay)
Madewell Bag via eBay (similar)
(Get a FREE month of Rocksbox w/code 'jeansandateacupxoxo')

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