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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Fancy Feet

Fibi and Clo Sandals, Striped Shirt, Chambray Shirt, White Shorts
Striped Tee, Chambray Shirt, Jord Watch, J.Crew Crossbody bag
Fibi and Clo Sandals, White Shorts, Striped Tee
Fibi and Clo Sandals
Fibi and Clo Sandals, J.Crew Bag, Jord Watch
Fibi and Clo Sandals, Striped Tee, White Shorts, J.Crew Bag

Sometimes all you need is a cute pair of footwear to take your look to the next level! I was recently introduced to fibi & clo footwear by Sherina - who is one of my sponsors. She generously sent me these embellished sandals to style. I was really impressed with how comfortable the footbed is. The soles are thin but cushioned which feels a lot better than most of my other sandals! The blue stones and crystal gems are also really stunning. These are a pair of sandals that can be worn casually with denim shorts or with a dress for a fancier look! 

Outfit Details:
American Eagle Denim Shirt (similar)
J.Crew Factory Shorts (similar distressed pair)
fibi & clo Sandals c/o (order 1/2 size up)

Now Sherina is going to take over and tell you more about the company and how you can get a pair of these cute sandals! 

"fibi & clo is an exclusive design house and our sandals are not available anywhere else. fibi & clo sandals are offered at prices that can't be beat and each sandal is handmade in a process that can take over 4 weeks and over 200 stones! If you tried to find similar designs in Department Stores you would pay over $150. The direct sales AND fashion industry is starting to take notice of the unprecedented business approaches and innovations in design that fibi & clo is creating.

There is nothing more fun than a shoe party. Gather your friends for drinks, shoes and fun. And earn free shoes by doing it! To find a Fashion Agent near you, please email us at"

Spring 15

"fibi & clo was created on the belief that you should be able to do what you love, and make money from it, all while living the life you want to live. Shoe parties are proving to be fun and profitable. As a hostess, you can also earn shoes with one of the most generous hostess incentive program in the entire direct sales industry. If you are interested in becoming a fibi & clo Fashion Agent, please email me (Sherina) at or visit

You can order fibi & clo sandals exclusively through in-home trunk shows or online at Standard shipping for $7 takes 7-10 days (depending on where you live in the U.S) but is generally fast. You can also get expedited shipping (2-3 business days via FedEx) for $15."

(For sizing information please visit

best seller sandals

"fibi & clo was started in 2009 by AnaLiza Alba- a southern Texas gal who came to New York to pursue a dream career as a creative director in advertising. Fibi & Clo ...designed in New York with Southern Love."

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Monday, July 27, 2015

Summer Midi Dress

Loft Midi Dress, Lace Up Heels, Gorjana Necklace
Loft Midi Dress, Gorjana Necklace, Rocksbox
Loft Midi Dress, Lace Up Heels, Rocksbox, Gorjana
Loft Midi Dress, Rocksbox, Rose Gold Ring
Loft Midi Dress, Lace Up Heels, Rocksbox
Loft Midi Dress, Summer Dress, Wedding Guest Dress

I know I've already done an outfit post with this dress but I feel like the pictures didn't show off this dress like it deserves. I'm also kind of a perfectionist and I really wanted the pictures to be perfect! The last time I wore this dress I added a white moto jacket and black sandals for a more casual look. This time I kept it simple and just added lace up heels for a date night look. I love that this dress can be dressed up or down. It's super comfortable and has a drawstring waist which is always nice. AND IT'S 50% OFF RIGHT NOW! 

I know you're probably all curious about what type of bra I'm wearing - right? ;-) I used to stay away from halter tops/dresses or strapless dresses because I never knew what kind of bra to wear. Obviously this dress would not look good with a regular bra. But I hate wearing strapless bras - they either don't stay up or they are so tight they flatten everything out and make unflattering line. But last year I discovered sticky cups! I know they sound scary but they actually work really well. I wear a 32D bra size and the sticky cups are a C cup so they don't just work on people with really small boobs. They don't offer a lot of support so I'm not sure how they work on larger chests but they keep everything together for me! I've worn them a lot and they haven't lost their stickiness yet. You can also wash them! These sticky cups were seriously a life changer for me so I had to share! Haha...

Outfit Details:
JustFab Lace Up Heels (similar)
(Get a FREE month w/code 'jeansandateacupxoxo')

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Flashback Fashion Fridays Link Up #5 + Shopping with Brandzaffair

Brandzaffair, Pleione Floral Tee, Mirrored Sunnies, White Jeans
Pleione Floral Top, Brandzaffair, White Jeans, Mirrored Sunnies
Pleione Floral Tee, Brandzaffair, White Jeans
Brandzaffair, Pleione Floral Tee, White Denim Jeans, Loft Sunnies
Rocksbox Necklace, Pleione Floral Tee, Loft Mirrored Sunnies, White Jeans
Pleione Floral Top, Brandzaffair, White Jeans
Rocksbox Necklace, Pleione Floral Tee, Mirrored Sunnies

With so many online sites to browse it can be hard to keep track of all the sales and deals at each individual retailer. That's where Brandzaffair comes in! Brandzaffair is a site where you can shop your favorite stores and stay up to date on all the latest sales, promotions, and coupons. Sites linked up to Brandzaffair include Loft, J.Crew, Nordstrom, Old Navy, Target, Forever 21, Macy's and many, many more! 

I decided to check out the Nordstrom section on Brandzaffair and found a link to 'Women's styles under $100'.  I've always wanted to shop at Nordstrom but sometimes I get overwhelmed with all the items! This helped narrow it down to items that I can afford. I was able to find this pretty floral top from Pleione for $39. It also comes in a bunch of different prints and colors and it's on sale for $30 if you buy 2! I couldn't be happier with my selection. The print is AMAZING. I had one lady compliment me on it twice! Haha... I also love the shape. It has a pleated back and the shirttail hem covers my bum which is kind of nice. I seriously want to get this shirt in ALL the colors. 

Outfit Details:
American Eagle White Jeggings 
Rocksbox Necklace 
(FREE month w/code 'jeansandateacupxoxo')
Madewell Sandals

Now onto Flashback Fashion Fridays! This photo is from this time last year. I still have all of these pieces and this blue wrap midi skirt is still one of my favorites! I just wish I had more opportunities to dress up and wear heels. Someone take me out to a fancy brunch asap! 

Blue Polka 4

Adri and I would love for you to join us this week and link up your flashback fashions! You can include a link or photo in your post to an outfit from last year, month or even week! It's fun to see how our style choices change over the year. 

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Smile Brilliant! Teeth Whitening Review


I'm not someone who has naturally white teeth. I also like to drink coffee and wine which causes stains. I've always said that one day I'm going to spend the money to get my teeth professionally whitened and straightened but I was thinking that day would be 10+ years away. First of all, it's expensive and second, my husband is not a fan of spending money on cosmetic procedures. So I was pretty much thinking that white teeth would never really happen for me.

And then Smile Brilliant! called! They were generous enough to let me try their whitening system so I could tell you guys about it! The Smile Brilliant! teeth whitening system is actually really affordable. I was thinking I'd have to spend around $500 at the dentist to get the same products but Smile Brilliant! only charges $119.95 for the kit you see below! I was at the dentist right before I started the process and she checked out the website and said they basically use the same type of materials. So why not get it for a lot cheaper?!
The kit comes with: 
- custom fitted whitening trays + carrying case
- 3 whitening gel syringes
- impression material (to make molds of your teeth)
- prepaid envelope to mail back impressions
- detailed instructions
- 2 year whitening tray replacement warranty

This is the package I received. 

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening

It's actually a pretty simple process. You mix the blue and white paste together, put it in the teeth trays and bite down to make an impression of your teeth. Once the molds harden you stick the whole thing in the prepaid envelope provided and mail it back to the lab. In about a week you'll get custom fitted clear molds of your teeth! You can see mine below. Check out this video for more information on the process!

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening, Teeth Molds

Then all you have to do is put a thin line of Teeth Whitening Gel in the molds and put them on your teeth! You can keep them on for 1-3 hours daily. One syringe will last for 3-4 applications. 

Smile Brilliant Results
Before and After using one syringe (3 applications). 

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Trays
With the trays on my teeth. 

It's kind of hard to tell from the photos but my teeth got significantly whiter after just 3 applications. I  actually had enough gel in the syringe for a 4th application - so a little gel goes a long way. And on average I kept the trays in for 2 hours.  I still have 2 more syringes of whitening gel left! That's about 8 more applications! 

The trays were comfortable (because they are molded to fit your teeth!) and as you can see from the photo it's really hard to tell that I have anything on my teeth at all! 

Unfortunately, I had to take a break from the whitening because of gum sensitivity between my front two upper teeth. It's really important that you don't let the gel contact your gums (so don't use a lot of gel in the first place). I don't think I was as careful and after the second application the gums between my front two teeth started to burn a little. The subsequent applications irritated them further so I had to stop. But it was only in one tiny spot - the rest of my gums were fine. I feel like if I had been more careful about where the gel was touching I wouldn't have had this problem. I'm hoping to continue the whitening process but I'm going to wait a little longer for my gums to heal.

I didn't experience any tooth sensitivity which was good. You can order desensitizing gel to help with sensitive teeth and to help prevent further stains. You apply the desensitizing gel the same way as the whitening gel but only keep it on for 10-15 minutes after you use the whitening gel. 

Overall, I think the process is really effective. The trays will last for years so all you have to do is re-order whitening gel if stains start coming back. I don't look at my teeth and think they look yellow anymore. I know I would have gotten really white teeth if I had been able to continue! 

*I received the whitening system at no cost in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own! 
How Much Is Teeth Whitening

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Pink Floral + Tie Waist Shorts

Pink Floral Top, Gap Tie Shorts, Jord Watch
Jord Watch, Pink Floral Top, Gap Tie Shorts
Rocksbox Necklace, Jord Watch, Pink Floral Top
Pink Floral Top, Gap Tie Shorts, Madewell Sandals
Pink Floral Top, Rocksbox Necklace, Gap Tie Shorts, Jord Watch

I know I just wore these shorts but when you find a great pair of shorts you just want to wear them all the time. Plus they are so neutral they go with everything! This time around I wore them with my sheer pink floral tee and snake spot sandals (they actually aren't white - they have tiny black dots on them!) which brings some subtle print mixing into my outfit. 

I kept my accessories pretty simple with a necklace from my latest Rocksbox. There's still time to get a free month with my code ('jeansandateacupxoxo')! There's no commitment - you can cancel after the first month - and you get to try out some great jewelry! You can even get it at a discount if you choose to buy it. You can find a more detailed review here.

I wish I could say that I'm going to have an awesome day today but I'll be at the hospital getting blood drawn and other tests done for a surgery I have next week. I HATE getting my blood taken. I literally freak out and all sorts of weird things happen. I've hyperventilated, passed out, and cried at different appointments. I never know which reaction I'll get when I show up. Although it usually results in the nurses going into the break room and bringing me out something to eat and drink. One time I got a whole soft pretzel and a coke! At least I get a snack, right?

Outfit Details:
Joe Fresh Floral Top (option)
Madewell Sandals (d'Orsay flat)
Rocksbox necklace
(get a FREE month w/code 'jeansandateacupxoxo')
Julep Lipstick in "Tutu"

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