• Lightweight Knitwear for Fall

    What do you do when it's technically fall but the weather says otherwise? You wear lightweight knitwear! And this silk cashmere tee from Grana definitely fits the bill! It feels like a super soft ... View Post

    Lightweight Knitwear for Fall
  • A Fall Floral Midi Dress

    I mentioned in my Fall Wardrobe Staples post that a fall floral dress is a must-have. Well, I'm backing that statement up with today's post! I finally found a perfect fall floral midi dress with long ... View Post

    A Fall Floral Midi Dress
  • 90’s Inspired Black Slip Dress Outfit

    If you haven't noticed - 90's style fashion has made a comeback. I only wish I had been stylish enough in the 90's to dress like this! I was going through my middle school years in the late 90's and ... View Post

    90’s Inspired Black Slip Dress Outfit


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